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A form of supportive psychotherapy in which carefully selected reading materials are used to assist a subject in solving personal problems or for other therapeutic purposes.


the use of reading as therapy


(ˌbɪb li oʊˈθɛr ə pi)

the use of books and other reading materials as an enhancing adjunct to therapy.
bib`li•o•ther`a•peu′tic (-ˈpyu tɪk) adj.
bib`li•o•ther′a•pist, n.


Psychiatry. the therapeutic use of books and magazines in the treatment of mental illness or shock. — bibliotherapist, n. — bibliotherapeutic, adj.
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the therapeutic use of reading material in the treatment of nervous diseases. — bibliotherapist, n. — bibliotherapeutic, adj.
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Recent study has found patients prescribed reading for mild to moderate depression, a treatment called as bibliotherapy, saw improvements in mood and psychological well-being, Health news reported.
This novel could serve as bibliotherapy by single readers or by a book club; it is also full of hope.
They can also provide current information to the public through the use of newspaper clippings, electronic resource maintenance, references, and reprographic services of selective dissemination of information, social networking platforms, and current awareness services to support bibliotherapy, peace keeping, and become a forceful agent of change in the society.
Eight selected papers explore the C rdovan Library of Caliph al-Hakam II; mechanics' institutions and the culture of improvement in the 19th century; Ellis Island Library: "The Tower of Babel" at America's gate; libraries, knowledge, and the common good: the cultural politics of labor republicanism in Progress-Era wheeling, West Virginia; the 1939 Alexandria, Virginia, public library sit-in demonstration; the library as medicine cabinet: inventing bibliotherapy during the interwar period; World War II and the building of the Ukrainian Library; and libraries of light: public library design in Britain during the long 1960s.
Bibliotherapy is also used to treat concerns for adolescents such as puberty and bodily functions among others, thus encouraged to be used by parents.
Extending Lipault's heritage in enhancing travel experience with stylish designs and durable bags, the new collection aims to provide travellers with an opportunity to alleviate psychological distress among displaced children through bibliotherapy - a healing technique that involves the reading of specific texts and collective reading.
Feasibility and acceptability of bibliotherapy and telephone sessions for the treatment of late-life anxiety disorders.
The project also plans to reconstruct book collections and offer bibliotherapy, socio-psychological support and stress relief via unique reading-related activities.
While clinical bibliotherapy may require skilled practitioners to help clients process their serious emotional problems, classroom teachers (and parents) can also use developmental bibliotherapy to help their students (or children).
Irfon wants the money he raised to pay for a special counselling room at Ysbyty Gwynedd with a bibliotherapy section offering books and guidance for people on how to look after their own mental health; pay for wigs for anybody who have lost their hair because of chemotherapy and to pay for complimentary therapy for patients.
All four books under review here grapple with the problem of having highly realistic trauma be followed by unrealistic conclusions, prompting us to ask whether they are meant to be fictive representations of the multiplicity of childhood and adolescence or whether they offer bibliotherapy for particular groups of young people who have experienced these issues themselves.
AN International Bibliotherapy Conference hosted by Kirklees Council attracted a group of library specialists from Sweden.