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Having two cells.
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Three types of glands have been described: the bladder cells of the Chenopodiaceae; the multicellular glands observed in dicotyledonous species of the families Acanthaceae, Aizoaceae, Aveceniaceae, Combretaceae; Convolvulaceae; Frankiaceae, Plumbaginaceae and Tamaricaceae (Waisel, 1972; Wahit, 2003; Kobayashi, 2008; Flowers et al, 2010); and the bicellular glands found in species of the Poaceae family (Liphschitz & Waisel, 1974; Fahn, 1979; Wieneke et al.
In this species the mature pollens are bicellular and ellipse shape.
Leaves are alternate, imbricate, and bilobed; the hyaline ventral leaf lobe and an aerial chlorophyllous dorsal lobe are covered with short bicellular trichomes and bear an extracellular cavity housing filamentous Anabaena (Figs.
7 In biology, how many cells are there in a bicellular organism?
For most species the only period of microspore sensitivity to inductive pretreatments revolves around the transition from the uninucleate, vacuolate microspore to early, bicellular pollen, i.