biceps femoris

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biceps fem·o·ris

See biceps.

[New Latin : biceps, biceps + Latin femoris, genitive of femur, thigh.]
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Biceps femoris muscle samples were removed from the drycured hams (Figure 1B) and were stored at -80[degrees]C till used for analyses of physicochemical composition, color, texture and sensory traits.
2) The nerve then lies posterior to the short external rotators, posterior to the adductor magnus but anterior to the hamstring muscles, and passes deep to the long head of biceps femoris.
Delsys Trigno wireless electromyography (EMG) surface electrodes (Delsys Inc; Boston, Massachusetts) were attached to the TA, rectus femoris (RF), medial gas-trocnemius (MG), and biceps femoris (BF) muscles of the right leg.
The player has this afternoon undergone testing by the medical services of FC Barcelona who have confirmed the biceps femoris muscle injury in his right leg.
Bipolar Ag-AgCl surface electrodes were used for electromyography (EMG) recordings (silver bar electrodes, diameter 10 mm, centre-to-centre distance 20 mm) of the long head of the vastus lateralis and biceps femoris (Data-Log type no.
Surface EMG was used to record the signals from the rectus femoris, vastus medialis, vastus lateralis muscles, semitendinousus and biceps femoris muscles in different conditions of WBV.
In the electromyography (EMG), abnormal spontaneous activity and a reduced recruitment pattern of right tibialis anterior, peroneus longus, and biceps femoris muscles were detected.
They all run in similar paths, all originating from the bottom of your pelvis (or Ischial Tuberosity), running down the back of your leg with the Semimembranosis and Semitendinosis attaching on the inside of your knee and the Biceps Femoris to the outside of your knee.
Examinations revealed multiple soft-tissue lesions, including an avulsion of the lateral femoral condyle, ruptures of the joint capsule as well as of the biceps femoris, gastrocnemic and plantaris muscles.
Steaks from biceps femoris, a muscle of the posterior thigh, were inoculated with E.
Blood pressure cuffs or elastic bands are applied to a muscle, such as the biceps femoris, to occlude the blood vessels and decrease venous return.