bichon frisé

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bi·chon fri·sé

or bichon frise  (bē-shŏn′ frē-zā′, frēz, bē′shŏn)
n. pl. bi·chons fri·sés or bi·chons fri·ses or bi·chon fri·ses (bē-shŏn′ frē-zā′, frēz, bē′shŏn)
A dog of a small breed originating in the Mediterranean area, having a wavy white coat, drooping ears, and curved tail carried over the back.

[French : bichon, lapdog; see bichon + frisé, curly (from past participle of friser, to curl; see frizz1).]

bichon frise

(ˈbiːʃɒn ˈfriːzeɪ)
n, pl bichon frises
(Breeds) a small white poodle-like dog of European origin, with a silky, loosely curling coat
[C20: French, literally: curly toy dog]

bi•chon fri•se

(biˈʃɔ̃ friˈzeɪ)
n., pl. bi•chons fri•ses (biˈʃɔ̃ friˈzeɪz)
one of a breed of small dogs of Mediterranean origin having a loosely curled, thick white coat, a topknot, and hanging ears.
[1965–70; < French: literally, curly bichon a breed of lap dog]
bichon à poil frisé
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