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Of, relating to, or involving both the east and west coasts of the United States: bicoastal commuters.


relating to both the east and west coasts of the US: she had a bicoastal upbringing.


(baɪˈkoʊs tl)

occurring on two coasts, esp. on both the E and W coasts of the U.S.
bi•coast′al•ism, n.
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BiCoastal also recently executed an agreement with a Mumbai-based developer and manufacturer to develop 20 ANDAs of solid dose and topical products with anticipated launch dates from mid-2020 through 2022.
US 101 has the lineup that will bring a fresh take on country radio to our community," according to Bicoastal Media.
While talking to the Interview magazine, the 42-year-old actor, who got engaged to the 45-year-old star in 2012, said that it was always in his plan to be bicoastal and he manages his time between New York and Los Angeles, Us magazine reported.
I'm on a Native American kick," explains 25-year-old designer Carly Margolis, half of the bicoastal team that made its splashy debut two years ago.
VERDICT Sudoor was no match for Oaks hopeful Dalvina in the Pretty Polly Stakes at Newmarket 18 days ago, but she appeared to see out the 1m2f trip so has fewer questions to answer on the stamina front than Bicoastal, who has yet to race beyond 1m.
BICOASTAL looks primed to grab victory in the Raymarine Stakes at Goodwood on Thursday (3.
That form looks red-hot in the context of this Listed race, and Bicoastal really ought to get her head in front again.
Beowulf is a pure movement role, and the performer will be no less than Desmond Richardson, one of America's most charismatic dancers and one of 20 chosen for this production through bicoastal auditions.
Long entrenched in San Francisco's East Bay (Berkeley and now Emeryville), Jim Sinkinson's Infocom Group has now become bicoastal with the opening of an office in New York City.
Although James Meyer has recently questioned a similar bicoastal dichotomy in Minimal sculpture, O'Neill's retrospective reinforces rather than dispels such a divide.
A featured vocalist on the Magnetic Fields' 1999 triple CD, 69 Love Songs, Beghtol is also one haft of the bicoastal duo moth wranglers.
With a laundry list of best-sellers under his belt and several awards, the bicoastal novelist--based in Los Angeles but with a home in Atlanta, where he reportedly does most of his writing--continues to deliver bravura fiction in dynamic fashion.