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Of, relating to, or involving both the east and west coasts of the United States: bicoastal commuters.


relating to both the east and west coasts of the US: she had a bicoastal upbringing.


(baɪˈkoʊs tl)

occurring on two coasts, esp. on both the E and W coasts of the U.S.
bi•coast′al•ism, n.
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TAMPA, Fla, March 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Bicoastal Corporation, a debtor-in-possession under Chapter 11 of the Federal Bankruptcy Code, announced today that it has received a notice from NASDAQ stating that its $3.
REVE is a bicoastal management/production company dedicated to making dreams come true.
The event is being produced by Josselyne Herman Saccio, co-owner of bicoastal management/production company, REVE Entertainment Group, who started working on the event after being inspired by her 5-year-old daughter, Sophie's efforts to raise cash for the children.
After three months of an inseparable bicoastal relationship, George proposed to Alexandra on a Greek island.
CONTACT: Janet Hoer of Bicoastal Corporation, 813-264-7100/ CO: Bicoastal Corporation ST: Florida IN: SU:
Officials for Bicoastal further indicated that although this ruling is highly positive, any benefit to creditors and holders of equity interests would be realized only at such time as funds are actually collected from Semi-Tech and available for distribution.
In Toronto, Bicoastal filed an action against Semi-Tech today demanding payment of the final judgment pursuant to Ontario law.
Went bicoastal and, in Northern California's East Bay, built a 2,300-home monument to gracious living known as Blackhawk.
Frank Public Relations, a bicoastal strategic public relations, investor relations, and marketing company with 26-years experience in all facets of the health care industry, has seen a rise of small to medium-sized health care organizations failing to tell their story to the public through strategically developed and results-oriented public relations and investor relations.
NewRoads' bicoastal presence gives clients several different approaches to reducing their fulfillment-related expenses, including:
Sunday's 26th Chula Vista finds '95 winner Borodislew carrying 117 pounds, three less than bicoastal star Exotic Wood and Beverly Hills Handicap winner Different.
In 1987 he opened his own agency, Omar's Men, in Los Angeles to provide great looking men with the same superstar status accorded the female model; his concept took off and he was quickly bicoastal.