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Adj.1.bicolour - having two colorsbicolour - having two colors; "a bicolor flower"; "a bicolored postage stamp"
colored, coloured, colorful - having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination; "colored crepe paper"; "the film was in color"; "amber-colored heads of grain"
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Specification : (1) Size - Demy lA size (2) Cover Page Paper - 170 GSM Art paper with 4 colour printing and lamination (3) Inner Page - 64 GSM (Siripur/ Scwa/ Bilt brand paper, 130 GSM Art paper with 4 colour printing (4) Cover Page inner side printing - Four colour/ Bicolour without lamination.
The collection presents some of Maison Kitsune's wardrobe essentials reinterpreted for Mr Porter as well as new exclusive designs: for example, the bicolour leather loafer - part of our first footwear collection to be launched on May 2nd - has been created in an exclusive navy and cream colour way; the chambray shirt with a little fox head embroidery is something we never did before.
The model features the BMW Individual special paint finish in Fashion Grey uni, extended fine-grain Merino leather in BiColour Silverstone/Fjord Blue with contrast stitching in Silverstone, while Merino leather in Fjord Blue also trims the bottom of the instrument panel, the centre console and the handbrake handle.
Global Closure Systems (GCS) has launched a new bicolour, flip-top closure for the personal care market, including shampoos, shower gels and skin care applications.
We are offering the delightful beeline, a lush mix of bicolour, single and two-tone blooms in subtle and warming shades.
An 18ct yellow gold Yachtmaster II, priced at PS29,100; a Bicolour Cosmograph Daytona, priced at PS11,250; and a Bicolour Submariner Date, priced at PS8950.
A ladies' Breitling Callistino SQ 18ct Bezel, Bicolour (18ct/steel) watch.
It boasts a contrasting colour for the roof line and for aerodynamic elements plus larger 17-inch bicolour alloy wheels.
Kate Winslet, who awed everyone with her hourglass like figure at the red carpet of the Venice Film festival, had donned a colour-blocked Bicolour Octavia number created by the 40-year-old fashion designer.
The scientists studied populations of the bicolour damselfish (above), a species found commonly on Caribbean coral reefs that has a 30-day larval stage.
The fountain pen comes equipped with an 18-carat bicolour gold nib; the nib module and practical cartridge/converter system extend when the end of the barrel is twisted, so that the pen can be refilled or the nib changed.
95 has one each of the lilac and cream Sour Grapes, the pink bicolour Apple Blossom, the bright Heavenly Blue, red Garnet and white Snowstorm.