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Adj.1.bicornate - having two horns or horn-shaped partsbicornate - having two horns or horn-shaped parts; "a bicornuate uterus"
horned - having a horn or horns or hornlike parts or horns of a particular kind; "horned viper"; "great horned owl"; "the unicorn--a mythical horned beast"; "long-horned cattle"
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Quick-growing flowers include borage, nasturtiums (Tropaeolum) and Matthiola bicornis.
Effects of constant and fluctuating temperatures on the development of the solitary bee Osmia bicornis (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae).
Also, the Swedish study found that wild Osmia bicornis bees nested at six of the eight untreated sites but at none of the treated ones.
Actually, 25 species of spiders were found only in deciduous forests, they are: Cicurina arcuata Keyserling, 1887 (Agelenidae), Sphodros rufipes (Latreille, 1829) (Atypidae), Clubiona bryantae Gertsch, 1941, Clubiona saltitans Emerton, 1919 (Clubionidae), Drassodes auriculoides Barrows, 1919, Haplodrassus bicornis (Emerton, 1909), Herpyllus ecclesiasticus Hentz, 1832, Litopyllus temporaries Chamberlin, 1922, Urozelotes rusticus (L.
On a putative Gondwanan relic Afroserphus bicornis Masner (Hymenoptera: Proctotrupidae), with a description of the hitherto unknown female.
They then fed the pollen to larvae of two closely related generalist species of mason bee (Osmia bicornis and Osmia cornuta) to see how well the larvae developed.
Unique case of successful twin pregnancy after spontaneous conception in a patient with uterus bicornis unicollis.
hic Nomadum genus et discinctos Mulciber Afros, hic Lelegas Carasque sagittiferosque Gelonos finxerat; Euphrates ibat iam molior undis, extremique hominum Morini, Rhenusque bicornis, indomitique Dahae, etpontem indignatus Araxes (A.
There are lots of night scented plants such as Oenothera biennis (evening primrose), Nicotiana alata (tobacco plant), Lonicera perclymenum (honeysuckle) and Matthiola bicornis (nightscented stock), to attract the nocturnal insects.
Genetic variation and population structure in remnant populations of black rhinoceros, Diceros bicornis, in Africa.
There are many other cheap and cheerful annuals worth trying, including godetia, the night-scented stock, matthiola bicornis, love-in-the-mist nigella, the Iceland poppy and, of course, snapdragons.
from Central America, though it is less dilated and not at all pilous at the end; the second lower tubercle, about half the size, is pointed and directed upward, reminiscent of Ariamnes bicornis Cambr.