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 (bī-kôr′nyo͞o-ĭt, -āt′)
Having two horns or horn-shaped parts: a bicornuate uterus.

[From bi- + Latin cornū, horn; see ker- in Indo-European roots.]
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Adj.1.bicornuate - having two horns or horn-shaped partsbicornuate - having two horns or horn-shaped parts; "a bicornuate uterus"
horned - having a horn or horns or hornlike parts or horns of a particular kind; "horned viper"; "great horned owl"; "the unicorn--a mythical horned beast"; "long-horned cattle"
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13] suggested the following criteria for early sonographic diagnosis of rudimentary horn pregnancy: (i) a pseudo-pattern of asymmetrical bicornuate uterus; (ii) absent visual continuity tissue surrounding the gestation sac and the uterine cervix; and (iii) presence of myometrial tissue surrounding the gestational sac.
A rare condition of bicornuate uterus (meaning she had been born with two wombs) made it difficult to conceive and carry a baby, and the couple suffered three miscarriages before a Harley Street obstetrician (who went on to deliver Princes William and Harry) helped them welcome three children into the world - Thomas, William and Annabel.
Kerri was told she had a bicornuate uterus which means it is in the shape of a heart and was told by doctors that this increased the chance of miscarriage and that it was likely her next baby would be born breech.
Bicornuate uterus results from incomplete fusion of the uterine horns.
Class III is composed of uterus didelphys and class IV is characterized by bicornuate uteri.
Upon transvaginal sonography, a bicornuate uterus was identified (Figure 1).
A CT scan demonstrated a pregnancy in the right horn of what was described as a bicornuate uterus.
A bicornuate unicollis uterus was confirmed on MRI and revealed two divergent uterine horns separated by a deep fundal cleft, surrounded by myometrial tissue, containing a fetus within each horn (Fig.
A, associated with maturity-onset diabetes of the young, renal dysplasia and bicornuate uterus.
Donna had no idea she has a bicornuate womb, meaning it's shaped like aheart rather than the usual pear.
He said a few women are born with the condition ( known as a bicornuate uterus - and it may not always necessarily show up on a scan.
In fact, she had a normal bicornuate uterus and had an intact fallopian tube remaining.