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 (bī′sĭk′əl, -sĭ-kəl, -sī′kəl)
1. A vehicle consisting of a light frame mounted on two typically wire-spoked wheels one behind the other and usually having a seat, handlebars for steering, brakes, and two pedals by which it is driven.
2. An exercise bicycle.
intr.v. bi·cy·cled, bi·cy·cling, bi·cy·cles
To ride or travel on a bicycle.

[Probably bi- + -cycle (on the model of tricycle, three-wheeled coach).]

bi′cy·cler (-klər), bi′cy·clist (-klĭst) n.
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Noun1.bicycler - a person who rides a bicyclebicycler - a person who rides a bicycle  
pedaler, pedaller - a person who rides a pedal-driven vehicle (as a bicycle)
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Bearded Bicycler Neither position, as you might imagine, does much for my image among the great and good of Godzone.
On April 2 a man from the central Chinese province of Henan stole a cell phone from a bicycler using a pair of large chopsticks and was caught on photo.
I'm sure one of them will be just what that 10-year-old bicycler needs to keep her under control.
Italian Bicycler The Green Man of Knowledge (2000) (voice) Mad About Mambo (2000) .
Over 15 million Expert titles have been sold, including Home Design 3DO, Landscape Design 3DO, AstronomerO, Bicycler Card Games and Gamers ChoiceO Line of classic games.
We're not going to fade off into hippie obscurity like that cartoon of an aging Keith Richard watering his grass while he yells at a punk bicycler cutting across his corner property: "Hey, you, offa my lawn
Just as important, I've gotten to know Schuman as a co-worker and have seen him in his roles as a popular teacher, a parent, a respected scholar, an associate dean of a law school and as a runner and bicycler.
GH concentrations of bicyclers fell during the exercise, however they continued to increase in untrained subjects.