n. Chiefly Southern US

[Dialectal variant of business.]
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Before MacDill became a Wings & Things SOCOM Superstore, when a few peeling, faded signs still read simply "MacDill Field," nameless guys in a business they jokingly called "Nunya," as in Nunya Bidness, could touch down, be de-briefed and slide out unnoticed.
Big Bidness (Burger King); cost not listed for signs for Burger King at 610 Grant Road, East Wenatchee.
Despite his setbacks in the Parakeet Bidness, I think I've finally hit upon a sure-fire moneymaker that he would heartily endorse.
Frazier: Un bin fuh shum 'bout pribate bidness, en' `e ax' me, "Mistuh Frajuh, you know dat black scoundul wuh hitch 'e goat `neet' me winduh eb'ry mawnin'?
In effect, the legal and political establishment begat generations of justices who reflected the assumption of their progenitors that preservation of a "good bidness climate" is the highest aim of government.
In plain English: Kimba says he refused to get down to bidness for a whole year.
You know the milennium is nigh when a showcase event in the Republican Olympics is bidness bashing.
Don't Start Snitchin'" Texas Monthly "The Bidness Myth" "North Toward Home" "My Father's War" Reporting Chicago magazine "The Nightmare" D magazine "Framed" Texas Monthly "Free Richard Lafuente
Our Bidness as Usual project is a particular point of pride - an effort to connect the private and political actions of some of the state's officeholders and to give you a glimpse into what currently constitutes acceptable behavior in state government.
Bill McCuen never promised to run state government "like a bidness.
This week on the soon-to-be-award-winning TribCast (it could happen): Ben, Evan, Ross and Aman dive into the Tribune's new Bidness as Usual data app and ongoing series.