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Fitted with or involving the use of two threads or wires.

bi·fi′lar·ly adv.


1. (General Physics) having two parallel threads, as in the suspension of certain measuring instruments
2. (Electronics) of or relating to a resistor in which the wire is wound in a loop around a coil, the two leads being parallel, to reduce the inductance
biˈfilarly adv


(baɪˈfaɪ lər)

furnished or fitted with two filaments or threads.
bi•fi′lar•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.bifilar - having or using two filaments; "a bifilar suspension of a waving part of an instrument"
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REDUCED THICKNESS -- AKS patent-pending bifilar coil design keeps the assembly thickness down to 0.
This result is based on bifilar micrometer data performed in red light.
The traditional method is to use a bifilar micrometer, which has two very fine screws to move spider's webs across the field of view of the eyepiece by known amounts.
Our ADs removed the various sub-assemblies (four spindle assemblies, the bifilar weight assembly, dampers, and the main rotor head accumulator).
According to the Figure 2, we consider the bifilar line formed by two wires of l length, passed by the currents of the same intensity but of opposite directions, the distance between the wires being of 2d.
Engineers selected a high-performance voice coil motor with temperature-compensated neodymium magnets, an optical encoder displacement sensor, and a bifilar wound furnace for precise temperature control, leaving the drive shaft support and guidance system selection as the remaining vulnerable link in the chain.
The Black Hawk's bifilar expandable pins, NSN 5315-01-112-2991, are tougher than nails to remove.
The coils were in bifilar arrangement so that they could be energized in parallel fields for sham conditions.
soundmatters' Twoofer features field-focused, back to back, dual Extreme-Energy(TM) neodymium magnets and bifilar, 1" dual voice coils.
Based upon a true bifilar Tesla coil design, these stamped coils are significantly thinner (0.
He also donated a cross bar micrometer graticule jig, his bifilar micrometer, his chronograph and a handheld terrestrial telescope which was later auctioned via Sotheby's.