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1. Having two functions: bifunctional neurons.
2. Chemistry Having or involving two functional groups or binding sites: bifunctional reagents.


1. having two functions
2. (Chemistry) relating to two functional groups


(baɪˈfʌŋk ʃə nl)

Chem. having or involving two functional groups.
bi•func′tion•al•ly, adv.
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VAL-083 is a bifunctional alkylating agent which primarily mediates cytotoxic guanine interstrand N[sup.
In the project, the solvent extraction of elements of 4f-series (light (Ce), medium (Eu) and heavy (Lu)) with two types of extracting agents will be investigated: the acidic chelating derivatives of pyrazolone and isoxazolone families and a neutral bifunctional organophosphorous extractant, octyl(phenyl)N,N-diisobutylcarbamoylmethyl)phosphine oxide, as well as their combinations in order to study the extraction efficiency, synergistic enhancement and selectivity using different ILs.
2], There are several approaches toward improved silica dispersion and enhanced filler-rubber interactions, such as an optimization of the mixing equipment and procedure [3], silica surface treatment [4], newly developed silicas [5, 6], the use of polar-functionalized rubbers as compatibilizers [7], and in situ sol-gel synthesis using trialkoxysilanes with different functional groups as precursors [8, 9], The most widely used method to maximize the reinforcing efficiency of silica is the use of bifunctional organosilanes as coupling agents.
The base consisted of three different commercially available bifunctional urethane acrylate oligomers: Exothane 8, Exothane 10, and Exothane 26 (Esstech, USA).
As a proof of concept, an electric-thermal bifunctional device was implemented that can guide both electric current and heat flux "across" a strong "scatterer" (air cavity) and restore their original diffusion directions as if nothing exists along the paths, thus rendering dual cloaking effects for objects placed inside the cavity.
Sutro Biopharma, located in South San Francisco, is developing a new generation of antibody drug conjugate therapeutics and bifunctional antibody-based therapeutics for targeted cancer therapies.
com)-- Owen Fields, Vice President of Regulatory Strategy for Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development, to Give a Presentation titled “Regulatory Development Issues and Solutions for Combination and Bifunctional Biologics” at the Antibody and Protein Therapeutics Conference, October 23 & 24, 2014 in Boston, MA by GTCBio.
Catalase-peroxidase (KatG) is a bifunctional enzyme degrading H2O2 in bacteria and lower eukaryotes.
In March 2004, Theravance entered into a strategic alliance with GSK, under the terms of which GSK has licensed a Bifunctional Muscarinic Antagonist-Beta2 Agonist (MABA) for the treatment of COPD.
The results are used to optimize the synthesis of further bifunctional nitrogen onium salts.
Thus, it is logical to use these dyes as specific bifunctional ligands for affinity precipitation.
2 Converts Fe+1 to (TSAP6) Fe+2 in endosomes IRP1 100880 1RP1 9p22-pl3 Bifunctional (ACOl) protein, acts as aconitase or iron response protein due to cellular iron levels IRP2 147582 IRP2 15q25.