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 (bī′fər-kāt′, bī-fûr′-)
v. bi·fur·cat·ed, bi·fur·cat·ing, bi·fur·cates
To divide into two parts or branches.
To separate into two parts or branches; fork.
adj. (-kāt′, -kĭt)
Forked or divided into two parts or branches, as the Y-shaped styles of certain flowers.

[Medieval Latin bifurcāre, bifurcāt-, to divide, from Latin bifurcus, two-pronged : bi-, two; see bi-1 + furca, fork.]

bi′fur·cate′ly adv.
bi′fur·ca′tion n.
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Noun1.bifurcation - a bifurcating branch (one or both of them)bifurcation - a bifurcating branch (one or both of them)
bifurcation - the place where something divides into two branches
ramification, branch, leg - a part of a forked or branching shape; "he broke off one of the branches"
2.bifurcation - the place where something divides into two branchesbifurcation - the place where something divides into two branches
forking, furcation - the place where something divides into branches
bifurcation - a bifurcating branch (one or both of them)
3.bifurcation - the act of splitting into two branchesbifurcation - the act of splitting into two branches
branching, ramification, fork, forking - the act of branching out or dividing into branches


nGabelung f


n. bifurcación, división en dos ramas o direcciones.
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Tierra del Fuego, first arrival -- Good Success Bay -- An Account of the Fuegians on board -- Interview With the Savages -- Scenery of the Forests -- Cape Horn -- Wigwam Cove -- Miserable Condition of the Savages -- Famines -- Cannibals -- Matricide -- Religious Feelings -- Great Gale -- Beagle Channel -- Ponsonby Sound -- Build Wigwams and settle the Fuegians -- Bifurcation of the Beagle Channel -- Glaciers -- Return to the Ship -- Second Visit in the Ship to the Settlement -- Equality of Condition amongst the Natives.
He looked about him sullenly; and when I pointed out in the distance the rounded front of the Eastern Hotel at the bifurcation of two very broad, mean, shabby thoroughfares, rising like a grey stucco tower above the lowly roofs of the dirty-yellow, two-storey houses, he only grunted disapprovingly.
This "microkinetic approach" helps in understanding the complex interactions between different surface species and the surface chemistry of the catalyst which is essential to realize bifurcation behaviour.
Bifurcation: A special bifurcation rule exists for expenses attributable to both business and entertainment.
Religious people again have this faulty tendency to speak of atheists and agnostics as "unbelievers" which again plays into that same bifurcation.
I hope that this article will assist judges and attorneys in selecting those cases in which bifurcation would benefit litigants and attorneys, as well as the court.
The analysis suggests that bifurcation is a product of the bicommunalism paradigm that has prevailed in Quebec since 1960.
Perhaps that is why none of them mentions the bifurcation of nature; for this phrase is not introduced by him until the second chapter of The Concept of Nature.
Due to the uncertainty of whether the option created by the bifurcation rules should be regarded as listed, it was reported in the press that Merrill Lynch marketed the produced exclusively to tax-exempt investors.
Professor Rosser set out to create a single-volume encyclopedia covering the broad sweep of economic applications for bifurcation theory (the field encompassing the non-linear math specialties of catastrophe and chaos), and to a great extent he has succeeded.
Second, a system of bifurcation, for limited purposes, was devised for certain high-yield discount debentures, with the Department of the Treasury being given the green light to bifurcate other obligations into debt and equity components.