big-cone spruce

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Noun1.big-cone spruce - douglas fir of California having cones 4-8 inches longbig-cone spruce - douglas fir of California having cones 4-8 inches long
douglas fir - tall evergreen timber tree of western North America having resinous wood and short needles
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Still, the remote track has its qualities - a quaint pond favored by waterfowl, sporadic shade from black oak, digger pine and big-cone spruce, a surprising bounty of wildlife and an unrivaled northerly view of the Tehachapi Mountains and the extreme western reach of the Mojave Desert and its Antelope Valley.
Follow the juncture's sign to Strawberry Potrero (not the marker to Colby Ranch) and march southwest into Strawberry Meadow, which, according to Robinson, is a series of three small meadows that have highlights - bundles of grasses, scrub oak, manzanita, snow brush, mountain mahogany and a forest of widely spaced live oak, big-cone spruce and Jeffrey and Coulter pine, along with acres of their respective acorns, needles and cones.