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big time

n. Informal
The most prestigious level of attainment in a competitive field: made it to the big time with his latest film.

big′-tim′er n.
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Informal. An important, influential person:
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Bethpage must have taken a lot out of him as must all the razzmatazz that goes with being a first-time big-timer.
Is this Daly the Hollywood studio big-timer who was going to teach these baseball kids how to run a business?
Kenny was never a big-timer when he played for Scotland.
Bellotti has been big-time without being a big-timer, invariably poised in the final minutes of a close game, or in the postgame press conference, win or lose.
If you want to boast and be a big-timer you have got to go out and perform to let people know you are worth the money.
That's the nature of the game, the big-timers get away with it from the FA.
This holds true especially in the presence of big-timers like Sanam Saeed, Ayesha Khan and many more.
In the decade-plus since, as a touring guitarist and session player, he's left his mark on the music of Lucinda Williams, Lana Del Rey and a dozen other big-timers.
Bahrain Rugby Football Club's (RFC) first XV yesterday registered their first bonus point win of their Gulf Top Six campaign as they put 50 points on former big-timers Dubai Exiles at their sun-drenched home ground in Sr.