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The criminal offense of marrying one person while still legally married to another.

[Middle English bigamie, from Old French, from Medieval Latin bigamia, from Late Latin bigamus, twice married : Latin bi-, two; see bi-1 + Greek gamos, marriage; see -gamous.]

big′a·mist n.


(ˈbɪg ə mɪst)

a person who commits bigamy.
big`a•mis′tic, adj.
big`a•mis′ti•cal•ly, adv.
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Noun1.bigamist - someone who marries one person while already legally married to anotherbigamist - someone who marries one person while already legally married to another
better half, married person, partner, spouse, mate - a person's partner in marriage
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[ˈbɪgəmɪst] Nbígamo/a m/f


[ˈbɪgəmɪst] nbigame mf


nBigamist m


[ˈbɪgəmɪst] nbigamo/a


(ˈbigəmi) noun
marriage to two wives or two husbands at once (a crime in some countries). He's been charged with committing bigamy.
ˈbigamist noun
ˈbigamous adjective
References in classic literature ?
Then this so sweet maid is a polyandrist, and me, with my poor wife dead to me, but alive by Church's law, though no wits, all gone, even I, who am faithful husband to this now-no-wife, am bigamist.
There is no knight-errant to come and seek a quarrel with me on account of the fair lady I detain a prisoner; but I have judges quite ready who will quickly dispose of a woman so shameless as to glide, a bigamist, into the bed of Lord de Winter, my brother.
Squire Hawker played both the bigamist and the bandit.
This jail was a Noah's ark of the city's crime--there were murderers, "hold-up men" and burglars, embezzlers, counterfeiters and forgers, bigamists, "shoplifters," "confidence men," petty thieves and pickpockets, gamblers and procurers, brawlers, beggars, tramps and drunkards; they were black and white, old and young, Americans and natives of every nation under the sun.
uk 1 Electric nightclub shut down after double shooting on dance floor 2 Bigamist abandoned dying wife in care home - and married new Russian bride on wedding anniversary 3 Kapow
A MAN killed his wife then took his own life after discovering she was a serial fraudster and bigamist, it was feared last night.
Now she has written a book called Divorced, Bigamist, Bereaved?
In this sequel to the British farce "Run for Your Wife,'' author Ray Cooney reintroduces the audience to bigamist taxi driver John Smith, played by Jonathan Demers.
BIGAMIST Fazli Rahim Knife kill couple's life terms are cut BRIAN HORNE reporters@dailyrecord.
BIGAMIST Susan Wong got married to her rich Saudi Arabian partner while still hitched to her previous husband.
According to details, Sarfaraz, a resident of Baitmeel Hazar area of district Jatoi was a bigamist.