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n. Slang
1. A very important person: "hassles between executive biggies" (New York).
2. Something that is considered big or important: Her new movie is expected to be a biggie.


1. informal something important
2. no biggie not important; no big deal


or big•gy

(ˈbɪg i)

n., pl. -gies. Informal.
1. an important person.
2. something that is very large or successful.


[ˈbɪgɪ] N (= song, film) → gran éxito m; (= person, company) → uno/a m/f de los grandes
some biggie in drugsuno de los grandes en lo de las drogas
the film is this summer's box-office biggieesta película es el gran éxito de taquilla de este verano


n (inf)Hit m (inf), → Knüller m (inf); (= important thing)große Sache (inf); it’s no biggienicht so schlimm! (inf)
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For me, it's like, you wake up and think, 'I'm not feeling particularly badass this morning, Coolio, Biggie, can you help me?
Yesterday Russell Poole died suddenly while at the LA County Sheriff's Department discussing reopening of the Tupac and Biggie cases that he followed so closely.
This time, it s a biggie 300,000,000 miles driven all-electrically.
His list is: Crazy Baldhead - Bob Marley; Juicy - Biggie Smalls; Talkin' Bout a Revolution - Tracy Chapman; Successful - Drake; Human Nature - Michael Jackson; P's & Q's - Kano; Shook Ones Part II - Mobb Deep; Back to Life - Soul II Soul; Fools Gold - Stone Roses; Renegade - Jay-Z.
Khan and Katrina Kaif will team up for Dhoom 3 , this year's Christmas biggie.
Many may know him from appearing on the remix of the hit song 'Flava in Ya Ear (Remix)' rapping along Biggie, Craig Mack, LL Cool J, and labelmate and relative Busta Rhymes.
Summary: In his new film Everything Must Go, Will Ferrell stars alongside legendary hip-hop star Biggie Smalls' son.
Biggie featured in the Icon Issue of the new @thefader magazine.
Biggie is the latest of the Raveology stable to have a night held in his honour with previous events being organised for MC Bassman and MC Trigga.
In another case, a startup threatened a biggie with a law suit (they showed enough proof that the biggie was copying data) and bagged a deal from them
Notorious: "My dad had a [bodege] in Flatbush, [Brooklyn] Biggie used to come over there and get .