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also big·ge·ty  (bĭg′ĭ-tē)
adj. Informal
Self-important; conceited.

[From big.]


adj, -tier or -tiest
informal conceited


or big•ge•ty

(ˈbɪg ɪ ti)

adj. Southern U.S.
conceited or self-important.
[1875–80; big + -ity, probably as in uppity]
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In "The Fire and the Hearth," Lucas views the aggrandizing alterations that have made the McCashn house into the Edmonds mansion as in fact a series of diminutions (34-35), and later in Intruder in the Dust, when he is called a "goddamn biggity stiffnecked stinking burrheaded Edmonds sonofabitch," Lucas simply responds: "I aint a Edmonds.
Tellingly, when his gold watch-chain and toothpick infuriate a white man with their out-of-place extravagance, Lucas responds only to the color-blind, familial part of the white's abuse ("You goddamn biggity stiffnecked stinking burrheaded Edmonds sonofabitch") but does not "assume" nor "refuse" the racially charged term "burrheaded": "I aint a Edmonds.
Because if they knew him well enough to call him crazy they also had to know enough about him to realize that he wasn't foolhardy, or even careless, not even what they wanted to mean when they used to call somebody biggity.