bighorn sheep

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big·horn sheep

n. pl. bighorn sheep
A wild sheep (Ovis canadensis) of the mountains of western North America, having a brownish coat and, in the male, massive curved horns. Also called bighorn, mountain sheep, Rocky Mountain sheep.
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Noun1.bighorn sheep - wild sheep of mountainous regions of western North America having massive curled hornsbighorn sheep - wild sheep of mountainous regions of western North America having massive curled horns
genus Ovis, Ovis - sheep
mountain sheep - any wild sheep inhabiting mountainous regions
kanadai vadjuh
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Tenders are invited for GPS Transmitter Radio Collars for Dessert Bighorn Sheep and Mule Deer
Big-Game Permits Hunt 2014 Permits 2015 Permits General buck deer 84,800 86,550 Premium limited-entry deer 183 184 Management buck deer 49 46 Limited-entry deer 811 1,058 Doe deer 410 625 General any bull elk 14,300 14,300 Youth any bull elk 300 500 Late season youth any bull elk 20 15 General spike bull elk 15,000 15,000 Limited-entry bull elk 2,842 2,938 Cow elk 16,775 15,360 Buck pronghorn 781 804 Doe pronghorn 669 844 Bull moose 67 65 Cow moose 0 0 Bison 91 80 Desert bighorn sheep 40 41 Rock Mountain bighorn sheep 38 37 Mountain goat 108 107 Source: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Over the decades, I've heard some pessimists say that we'll never delist Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep," said Kevin Hurley, conservation director of the Wild Sheep Foundation.
May 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Once reduced to tatters, a local herd of Peninsular bighorn sheep behind the California resort town of Rancho Mirage (near Palm Springs) is now on the road to recovery.
The Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep is dedicated to the recovery of the unique and endangered Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep through conservation, education and research.
From owls to bighorn sheep and snakes, this is a vivid story of the National Park System and its creatures, documents how the author created the modern natural resource protection program, and makes for a compelling, absorbing saga recommended for any collection strong in wildlife history in general and national parks examinations in particular.
The ODFW captured and relocated California bighorn sheep at several locations last week to improve genetic diversity among existing herds that will help restore this native species in Oregon.
2000) and affects bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis) and cattle in the western United States (Singer et al.
Forest Service is unjustly attempting to expel all the packgoats from the forests that have any population of Bighorn sheep (which is quite a large number across this country).
Here are beautiful portraits of poems titled One Lone Elk, Two (birds) Together: A Poem for Two Voices, Three Mullets Are We, Four Slow Snails, Five Geese, Five, Six Spiders Spinning, Seven Turtles on the Go, Eight Bighorn Sheep, Nine Swallows: A Haiku, Ten Little Crabs, and Many (fireflies).
In Arizona, however, agave was rarely used by desert mule deer or bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis; Krausman et al.
In this study, bighorn sheep showed a slight increase in horn size.