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 (bĭg′mouthd′, -moutht′)
1. Slang Speaking loudly or indiscreetly; loudmouthed.
2. Having a large mouth.


(ˈbɪgˌmaʊθt, -ˌmaʊðd)

1. very talkative; indiscreet; loudmouthed.
2. having a very large mouth.
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Adj.1.bigmouthed - unwisely talking too muchbigmouthed - unwisely talking too much    
indiscreet - lacking discretion; injudicious; "her behavior was indiscreet at the very best"
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But he was a surprise convert to the Trump cause having previously called the president "a hack politician" and a bigmouthed "bully.
If he finds they did, it could end the bigmouthed tycoon's presidency.
SHE'S known for the big-hearted, bigmouthed characters she's created on film and T V, but now V, but now V Margi Clarke is using that famous voice for a different good cause.
is a set of bigmouthed officials with too many bank accounts.
Bigmouthed Bill Maher has never made a secret of his hatred of guns, calling the 2nd Amendment "bullsh*t" and saying ".
That good for nothing, conniving, interfering bushy tailed bigmouthed chatterbox
During yesterday's hearing, Lord Justice Leveson, sitting with Mr Justice Mitting and Mr Justice Sweeney, heard that the gang were encouraged by bigmouthed "self-publicist", Mohammed Chowdhury, 22, from London.