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Noun1.bigram - a word that is written with two letters in an alphabetic writing system
written word - the written form of a word; "while the spoken word stands for something, the written word stands for something that stands for something"; "a craftsman of the written word"
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While extracting bigrams and linguistic hedges from the reviews, the POS format of the feature (bigram/linguistic hedge) is stored in a text file as "very excellent"--"HDG ADJ", "Sharp blade" "ADJ NOUN".
for each bigram we annotated whether it constitutes an MWE) and additionally pre-annotated each MWE as either compositional (C) or non-compositional (NC).
The unigram model predicted goals based on the current player action only, while the bigram model considered the previous action as well.
Thus, whilst the materials used in Brown's (1987a) word-naming experiment were matched on positional bigram frequency, final trigram frequency would have been impossible to control for.
In this version, one proceeded from one state to the next if the postal code of the second state appeared as a bigram in the name of the first state (as ND or IA in Indiana).
Text entry methods that require higher-order language models, for example unigram, bigram, or trigram models, also require sufficient text data (corpora) to train those models.
finds the appropriate synset of a polysemous word w in document d; be also w may be also a bigram 2: C [left arrow] {[w.
Similarly, since output contains the bigrams o, ou, ut, tp, pu and t , a 28*28 or 784-element bigram vector might have 1's in the elements representing those 6 bigrams and 0's in the remaining 778 elements.
Although I and the Word Ways references haven't, you might also include in your search other official USPO overseas and Canadian bigram abbreviations, as did the wordnik website, adding aa, ab, ae, ap, as, be, cz, DC, fm, gu, mb, mp, nb, nl, nt, ns, nu, on, pe, pi, pr, pw, qc, sk, tt, yt and vi to your arsenal.
They used the factor analysis and the bigram analysis methods for finding major research topics in two fields.
For example, if we have a bigram 'player scores', then we create a list of all possible forms: 'player scores', 'player score', 'players score', etc.
For example, the bigram for this desks, and similar sequences that show number disagreement, occur much less often than expected in the newspaper corpus based on the frequencies of singular determiners and plural nouns.