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1. A collection of trinkets or jewelry.
2. Decoration.

[French, from bijou, piece of jewelry; see bijou.]


1. jewellery esteemed for the delicacy of the work rather than the value of the materials
2. a collection of such jewellery


(ˈdʒu əl ri)

objects of personal adornment, as necklaces, rings, bracelets, or brooches, esp. when made of precious metals, gemstones, or pearls and distinguished by very fine design and craft.
Compare costume jewelry. Also, esp. Brit.,jew′el•ler•y.
[1300–50; Middle English juelrie < Anglo-French juelerie=juel jewel + -erie -ery]


 bijoux collectively; collective term for jewellery, trinkets, and articles of vertu, 1831.
References in classic literature ?
The Palais Royale is a heavenly place, so full of bijouterie and lovely things that I'm nearly distracted because I can't buy them.
beaucoup moins que] 30% des artisans affilies a la chambre des metiers devront beneficier d'une formation dans le domaine de la bijouterie au Bresil prochainement [beaucoup plus grand que], nous-a-t-il confie.
It was shaped entirely around what Ferdinand called his 'Renaissance Museum', combining the finest of 'plate enamels, Bijouterie, carvings in box wood, majolica, glass, arms and armour' to recreate a 19th-century version of the princely Kunstkammer.
A titre d'illustration, il a ete juge que l'usage de la celebre marque de bijouterie Tiffany pour designer un restaurant non concurrent etait susceptible de remettre en question la capacite du public a associer la marque avec le commerce de luxe du demandeur (217).
A cote de ravissantes toiles s'accrochent de belles collections offrant au visiteur l'occasion de revisiter le passe de la region : pieces de monnaie seculaires, bijouterie ancienne, poteries, instruments culinaires traditionnels, habits anciens, des poemes, des actes officiaux-.
Tabbah first studied fine arts at the Lebanese American University, and later at L'Ecole de la Bijouterie et de la Joaillerie in Paris.
Thus, clothes, shoes, bijouterie, household goods and many other items can be bought and resold in Russia together with OSell.
Kanyon Assistant Pseudonym Store Type Marital Status W1 Bijouterie Single W2 Apparel boutigue, Single W3 Shoe Single W4 Furniture, chain Married W5 Apparel, chain Single W6 Cosmetic, chain Single W7 Sports store Single W8 Home textile, chain Engaged W9 Apparel boutigue Single W10 Cosmetic, chain Single W11 Apparel, chain Single W12 Shoe store Divorced W13 Apparel, chain Single W14 Cosmetic, chain Married W15 Cosmetic, chain Married W16 Apparel, chain Divorced W17 Apparel boutigue Single W18 Bijouterie store Single W19 Apparel, chain Married W20 Apparel, chain Single W21 Household goods Single W22 Jewellery Single
Ces etablissements ont permis la formation d'artisans et de techniciens hautement qualifies dans les domaines, entre autres, de la couture, de l'ebenisterie, du cuir, de la poterie, du tissage de tapis, du cuivre et de la bijouterie.
Hermes jewellery was driven by the success of its creations and the presentation of its second Haute Bijouterie collection.
Coincidental to my attention to habit in this article, De Quincey invokes habit, repetition, and originality to define the slang term "Birmingham" in the third installment of the "Samuel Taylor Coleridge" articles in the American edition of his collected works: "Why the word Birmingham has come for the last sixty or seventy years to indicate in every class of articles the spurious in opposition to the genuine, I suppose to have arisen from the Birmingham habit of reproducing all sorts of London or Paris trinkets, bijouterie, & c.
Martina Dem pf, bijouterie designer and anthropologist, has created some stunning 'fusion' jewelry combining organic materials and precious metals.