bilateral symmetry

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bilateral symmetry

bilateral symmetry

Symmetrical arrangement, as of an organism or a body part, along a central axis, so that the body is divided into equivalent right and left halves by only one plane.

bilateral symmetry

(Biology) the property of an organism or part of an organism such that, if cut in only one plane, the two cut halves are mirror images of each other. See also radial symmetry

bilat′eral sym′metry

a basic body plan in which the left and right sides of the organism can be divided into approximate mirror images of each other. Compare radial symmetry.

bi·lat·er·al symmetry

Symmetrical arrangement of an organism or part of an organism along a central axis. A bilaterally symmetrical organism or part is divided into two equal halves. Compare radial symmetry.
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Noun1.bilateral symmetry - the property of being symmetrical about a vertical planebilateral symmetry - the property of being symmetrical about a vertical plane
symmetricalness, symmetry, correspondence, balance - (mathematics) an attribute of a shape or relation; exact reflection of form on opposite sides of a dividing line or plane
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That's vital, since the outward bilateral symmetry of a human body isn't matched internally.
The study determined that Earth may have given rise to two distinct groups of animals: bilaterians - animals with bilateral symmetry, like humans - and non-bilaterians, which include corals, jelly fish, hydra, unusual, often poisonous, creatures known as cubozoans, and other organisms.
In One, the white-on-black painting extends beyond the grid and continues onto the linen that erupts from behind the bottom left corner of the support; in Two, Fisher employs bilateral symmetry to mirror a pair of small diagonal paintings on one piece of linen that have been reoriented on a larger stretcher; Chain combines nine rectangular paintings in a necklacelike configuration on a large vertical support.
Their efforts made it clear that the human form possesses fluctuating asymmetries - slight, random deviations fromtrue bilateral symmetry (SN: 1/21/95, p.
We used to think that it takes bilateral symmetry to move in one direction across the seafloor and thereby leave a track," explained Matz.
Now, Abraham is the first major canvas in which Newman departs from bilateral symmetry (yet without entirely freeing his composition from its hold) and the one in which he begins to investigate the power of lateral expansion.
She also asked for gently used folders that could be used for templates or bilateral symmetry sculpture assignments.

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