bilaterally symmetric

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Adj.1.bilaterally symmetric - having identical parts on each side of an axisbilaterally symmetric - having identical parts on each side of an axis
symmetric, symmetrical - having similarity in size, shape, and relative position of corresponding parts
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Repeat audiometry demonstrated bilaterally symmetric SNHL with an improvement in hearing on the affected (right) side (figure 3).
The three "signature" imaging findings of classic Glutaric Aciduria are: (1) Macrocrania, (2) Bilateral widened ("open") sylvian fissures, and (3) Bilaterally symmetric basal ganglia lesions.
The frontal lobes were predominantly involved in a bilaterally symmetric fashion.
Our nervous system, like our body, is largely bilaterally symmetric yet both molecular and anatomical L/R asymmetries are also observed in the brain.
Fluid-attenuated inversion recovery (FLAIR) and T2 weighted images demonstrated bilaterally symmetric basal ganglia hyperintensity (Figures 1(b) and 1(c)).
The iEEG from patients 3 and 4 was recorded with a similar electrode montage: stereotactic placement of depth electrodes along the hippocampi with 8contact flexible depth electrodes with bilaterally symmetric positioning, in amygdala (LA, RA), mid hippocampus (LH, RH), orbitofrontal areas (LO, RO), and in frontal cortex from superior sagittal region near the supplementary motor area and cingulate (higher electrode numbers were more posterior).
The swelling was bilaterally symmetric, alopecia and crusting in swollen areas.
Fetus papyraceous is also associated with bilaterally symmetric aplasia cutis.
appressa, the vpn from the pedal ventral commissure has two large axon pairs from the bilaterally symmetric PeV1 and PeD7 pedal ganglia neurons.
Often referred to as endocrine alopecia, Alopecia X, or Adrenal Hyperplasia-Like Syndrome, the hair loss (alopecia) is described as bilaterally symmetric, meaning it affects both sides of the body similarly.