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n. pl. bi·lim·bis
1. An evergreen tree (Averrhoa bilimbi) native to tropical Asia and grown for its edible fruits.
2. The small, sour, greenish or yellowish cucumber-shaped fruit of this tree, eaten as a pickle or used in relishes and various dishes.

[New Latin bilimbi, specific epithet, ultimately from Malay belimbing, belimbi.]


1. (Plants) a fruit-bearing tree growing in India and Sri Lanka
2. (Plants) the fruit of the bilimbi tree
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Noun1.bilimbi - East Indian evergreen tree bearing very acid fruitbilimbi - East Indian evergreen tree bearing very acid fruit
fruit tree - tree bearing edible fruit
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Based in Real, Quezon, KUMARE is now commercializing kamias commonly known as bilimbi, cucumber tree, or tree sorrel, which are growing abundantly in Quezon.
He also saddled Out And About's halfbrother Bilimbi to finish fourth in 2014 and it would be a surprise if this race hasn't been the plan for a long time.
Tan BK, Tan CH, Pushparaj PN (2005) Anti-diabetic activity of the semi-purified fractions of Averrhoa bilimbi in high fat diet fed-streptozotocininduced diabetic rats.
The plants include; Averrhoa bilimbi (AB), Cosmos caudatus (CC) and Pereskia bleo (PB) which are usually consumed as part of a meal, eaten either raw or taken after a blanching processes [2].
One of nature's unappreciated fruits is the kamias or bilimbi.
William Haggas has a superb record with his three-year-olds at Haydock and runs Bilimbi.
That leaves us with Red Stargazer, Chatez, First Flight and Bilimbi, who are all hold-up horses.
But two progressive types look ideal in top weight Red Stargazer and current favourite Bilimbi.
BIL PLEASE Ryan Moore can land the Haydock Silver Bowl on Bilimbi
For treatment of fever, bark of Oroxylum indicum was boiled in water along with leaves of Averrhoa bilimbi, leaves of Swertia chirayita, leaves of Ziziphus mauritiana, leaves of chana pata (unidentified), and leaves of Phyllanthus emblica.