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Noun1.bilingual dictionary - a dictionary giving equivalent words in two languages
dictionary, lexicon - a reference book containing an alphabetical list of words with information about them
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15, our translation) who corroborates the opinion of Snell-Hornby (1987) about equivalence and affirms that the bilingual dictionary maker shall not trust "[.
aACAo Bilingual dictionary to build English language vocabulary and enable the learning of English with the help of one's mother tongue.
The post Bilingual dictionary reflects Cypriots' common words and memories, authors say appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The issue of the appropriate amount of cultural connotation in a bilingual dictionary has been repeatedly brought up by linguists (see Svensen 1987; [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 2004).
Compared to the average bilingual dictionary, it is significantly more generous when it comes to dispensing encyclopaedic information.
The next bilingual dictionary was Anthony Richards' An Iban-English Dictionary published in 1981 by Oxford University Press.
Citing language as central to culture and identity, and with the aim of maintaining I[+ or -]upiaq as a living language, MacLean presents a bilingual dictionary of North Slope Alaskan I<~>nupiaq into English, a volume in the making since 1973.
Bilingual dictionary, lexicon and corpus will be used to generate and extract translation approaches.
The A-Z of French Food: A Descriptive Bilingual Dictionary, Genevieve de Temmerman and Didier Cbedorge, Editions Scribo, $30, 142 pages, 4,000 entries, pocket-size paperback
Feature vector translation generally presupposes the availability of a bilingual dictionary (Fung, 1998; Rapp, 1999), which is however not the case for many language pairs or domains.
Students had access to the bilingual dictionary Collins First Time (2009), a dictionary for beginners.
8220;Everyone from the language student to the holiday-maker has turned to a bilingual dictionary at some point, and by offering free bilingual dictionaries online we hope to make high-quality resources for language translation and language learning that little bit more accessible.

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