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Noun1.bilingual dictionary - a dictionary giving equivalent words in two languages
dictionary, lexicon - a reference book containing an alphabetical list of words with information about them
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The A-Z of French Food: A Descriptive Bilingual Dictionary, Genevieve de Temmerman and Didier Cbedorge, Editions Scribo, $30, 142 pages, 4,000 entries, pocket-size paperback
8220;Everyone from the language student to the holiday-maker has turned to a bilingual dictionary at some point, and by offering free bilingual dictionaries online we hope to make high-quality resources for language translation and language learning that little bit more accessible.
Credited with being the first named author in German, he compiled a bilingual dictionary in Latin and Old High German called the Codex Abrogans, often described as the first German book.
Whatever the outcome [of the test], each woman received a bilingual dictionary (Dari to English) because, as it turned out, only a few students had one of their own," said Katarzyna Wojtusik, Ghazni Provincial Reconstruction Team project manager.
Giving a student that doesn't read and write English special accommodations, such as extra time or a bilingual dictionary, doesn't actually level the playing field," says Tim Boals, executive director of the WIDA consortium.
Query translation can be based on using bilingual dictionary or using the corpora or machine translation.
It can also be helpful to use a bilingual dictionary with words that neither service recognizes.
Thus Wang suggested that for bilingual dictionary writers, "an entry should pick out typical features and offer sound examples" (p.
eu users can access an internet-optimised bilingual dictionary with English and German as the basic languages for translations into English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Russian - in addition to a pictorial dictionary.
The Electronic Bilingual Dictionary as a Reading Aid to EFL Learners: Research Findings and Implications.
Staff at the university's new Law School recognised the need for a bilingual dictionary of standard terms with definitions, in Welsh and English, available for those students studying law in the Welsh language.
Nevertheless, this bilingual dictionary and linguistic guidebook cannot be separated from Breton's commitment to Catholic France's mission to convert the natives.

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