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bill 1

1. An itemized list or statement of fees or charges.
2. A statement or list of particulars, such as a theater program or menu.
3. The entertainment offered by a theater.
4. A public notice, such as an advertising poster.
a. A piece of legal paper money: a ten-dollar bill.
b. Slang One hundred dollars.
a. A bill of exchange.
b. Obsolete A promissory note.
a. A draft of a proposed law presented for approval to a legislative body.
b. The law enacted from such a draft: a bottle bill in effect in three states; the GI Bill.
8. Law
a. A document containing the formal statement of a case in equity; a complaint seeking equitable relief.
b. An indictment or charge in an indictment against an accused person.
tr.v. billed, bill·ing, bills
1. To present a statement of costs or charges to.
2. To enter on a statement of costs or on a particularized list.
a. To advertise or schedule by public notice or as part of a program.
b. To declare or describe officially; proclaim: a policy that was billed as an important departure for the administration.

[Middle English bille, from Norman French, from Medieval Latin billa, alteration of bulla, seal on a document, from Latin, bubble.]

bill′a·ble adj.

bill 2

1. A structure projecting from the head of a bird, consisting of the jaws and their horny covering and including the upper and lower mandibles; a beak.
2. A similar horny mouth part, such as that of a turtle.
3. The visor of a cap.
4. Nautical The tip of the fluke of an anchor.
intr.v. billed, bill·ing, bills
To touch beaks together.
bill and coo
To kiss or caress and murmur endearments.

[Middle English, from Old English bile.]

bill 3

1. A billhook.
2. A halberd or similar weapon with a hooked blade and a long handle.

[Middle English bil, from Old English bill.]


(Accounting & Book-keeping) referring to time worked, esp by a lawyer, on behalf of a particular client and for which that client will be expected to pay: a timesheet of my billable hours.


(ˈtʃɑr dʒə bəl)

1. capable of being charged, as to an account.
2. liable to be legally charged; indictable.
3. liable to become a charge on the public.
charge′a•ble•ness, charge`a•bil′i•ty, n.
charge′a•bly, adv.
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Check prescribed drug and associated diagnosis against medical necessity policies to determine if drug is billable under Part B (through Medicare),
The billable assessments for Manhattan commercial properties declined by 6.
By partnering with AIRTIME-Manager, we can now provide these attorneys with an easy to use and integrated way to capture minutes associated with calls and e-mail and effortlessly turn those minutes into billable transactions.
OpenAir customers increase profits by capturing additional billable hours, increasing employee utilization, streamlining project management, accelerating revenue, enhancing collaboration, improving revenue recognition and project accounting, and sharing knowledge and best practices throughout the organization.
I've heard the Commissioner of Finance say this will be the last year that this will force up the billable assessments.
In May of 1991, the final tax roll that was published indicated city-wide billable assessments had declined to $78,467 billion from the $79.
ADERANT Matter Center truly supports how our attorneys and their support staff work, making them more productive and allowing them to capture more billable time," said Jeremy Garside, Managing Partner of Chadwick Lawrence.
9, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Many landscape architectural firms viewed 2014 as an improvement from the previous year, but they still reported quarterly dips in billable hours and inquiries for new work in the fourth quarter, according to the American Society of Landscape Architect's (ASLA) latest Business Quarterly survey.
4) When hourly billing became widespread, the number of billable hours expected of firm attorneys dramatically increased as billable hours clocked and business generated assumed greater importance in evaluating attorney contributions and compensation.
CPA firm fees are increasing while billable hours are heading in the opposite direction, according to the 2004 Rosenberg Survey: National MAP Survey for CPA Statistics, arguably the most useful annual practice survey of small- and medium-sized firms in the industry.
As soon as we installed the software, we were able to immediately increase billable service revenues.
This ability of email to monopolize your time is especially disadvantageous if your income (and your firm's profitability) is determined by billable hours.