billet doux

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Noun1.billet doux - a personal letter to a loved one expressing affectionbillet doux - a personal letter to a loved one expressing affection
personal letter - a letter dealing with personal affairs
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This is an incredible Billet Doux, to post into a Welshman''s home, stating; when the house trembles, expect no benefit.
But, for me, the standout is their own track Blue Billet Doux.
Sunday has the literate Texas/Mexico-border troubadour, Tom Russell, the vibrantly eclectic and entertaining David Wax Museum (who also draws on the vivid traditions of Mexico), Brendan Croker, The Shiverin' Sheiks, Polly & the Billet Doux and John Langford.
Then Emilie has a brainwave - she can send the billet doux to her mother Maddy, who has been depressed since the breakdown of her marriage.
What's exactly been written on the billet doux has not been disclosed.
The cafE[umlaut], as well as the Full Circle bookshop, play host to events related to books, music and arts frequently -- this evening, the publishing house is launching its new book, Amrita and Imroz: In the Times of Love and Longing, a collection of billet doux by the Punjabi poet/ novelist Amrita Pritam and her long-time companion, the artist Imroz.
The retired farm worker, 82, penned 98 billet doux to sweetheart Molly over several years as he travelled all over Europe as an agricultural machinery demonstrator in the late 40s and early 50s.