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A folding pocket-sized case for carrying paper money, small personal documents, and sometimes change.


US and Canadian a small folding case, usually of leather, for holding paper money, documents, etc. Also called (in Britain and other countries): wallet



1. a thin, flat, folding case for carrying paper money and other items.
[1890–95, Amer.]
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Noun1.billfold - a pocket-size case for holding papers and paper moneybillfold - a pocket-size case for holding papers and paper money
case - a portable container for carrying several objects; "the musicians left their instrument cases backstage"
مِحْفَظَةُ نُقود


[ˈbɪlfəʊld] N (US) → billetero m, cartera f


[ˈbɪlfəʊld] n (US)portefeuille mbilliard ball nboule f de billard


[ˈbɪlˌfəʊld] n (Am) → portafoglio


(bil) noun
1. an account of money owed for goods etc. an electricity bill.
2. (American) a banknote. a five-dollar bill.
3. a poster used for advertising.
to send an account (to someone). We'll bill you next month for your purchases.
ˈbillboard noun
a large board on which advertising posters are displayed. He stuck posters on the billboard.
ˈbillfold noun
(American) a wallet. a billfold full of dollars.
fill the bill
to be suitable; to be exactly what is required. We are looking for a new car and this will fill the bill.
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8220;I want to create a definite alternative to the traditional billfold and create the definite front pocket wallet," Tomas says.
Any standard money clip and billfold can comfortably carry 10 of them, and $1,000 is a formidable amount with which to conduct business in Vegas.
Opponents to requiring search warrants to view the contents of a smartphone had argued that the devices fell into the same category as a pack of cigarettes, billfold or other "pocket litter.
A prospective licensee will likely want to look under the hood at your trade secrets prior to opening up their billfold.
One might be forgiven for making that mistake though: when Guy sits down in the booth, he has to extract a billfold from his hip pocket that is George Costanza-like in its thickness.
They're likely better at matching a price with the buyer's billfold.
I don't have any offshore account unless I accidentally went swimming with my billfold," he joked.
Secure laptops and smart phones as carefully as your billfold.
Now one of the blokes pulls out his billfold and hands his friend $50 and says that is me paying back the cash I borrowed from you last week.
The product selection includes The Stainless Steel Wallet, a billfold woven from flexible stainless steel fabric, The Light Cycle, a motorcycle inspired by the cycle from the film Tron: Legacy, and The GPS Homing Device, a gadget that attaches to a keychain and locates your parked car or a hotel in an unfamiliar city.
So much more than any billfold wrapped in rubber bands.
A siren calling for your devotion and the contents of your billfold.