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Noun1.billiard room - a room in which billiards is playedbilliard room - a room in which billiards is played
room - an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling; "the rooms were very small but they had a nice view"
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From the billiard room next door came the sound of balls knocking, of talk and laughter.
The Duke's chef had served an Emperor with honor--the billiard room at Devenham Castle was the most comfortable room upon earth.
What the devil does Sir John mean by not having a billiard room in his house?
Yes; it is so comfortable since we built the billiard room and took away those nasty hangings in the hall.
It was the only social center of the garrison beside the strictly military headquarters; it had a billiard room and a bar, and even an excellent reference library for those officers who were so perverse as to take their profession seriously.
It was evident that we had entirely miscalculated his movements, that he had never been to his bedroom, but that he had been sitting up in some smoking or billiard room in the farther wing of the house, the windows of which we had not seen.
Seating for 200 with seating outdoors of 100, and 30-seat bar and billiard room with three tables.
John added: "It has so many amazing features such as the one-acre garden, the Victorian conservatory and the wooden-panelled billiard room.
The front door opens to a quiet and inviting hallway with a study to one side and a billiard room to the right.
The club was started in 1912 when Machynlleth Urban District Council provided a billiard room and two tables at the Owain Glyndyer Institute.
THE National Trust is taking its cue from a tycoon's billiard room as it adopts a new and more relaxed attitude to visitors.
The billiard room at Lord Armstrong's mansion Cragside and the parlour at engraver Thomas Bewick's birthplace at Cherryburn are among rooms where families will be able to test out some of the historic artefacts.