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A billsticker for the LCS was also prosecuted, as were the printers and proprietors of various newspapers and pamphlets, and a number of radical speakers [Emsley, 1981, pp.
Those working offstage include the barber, bill carrier, billsticker, callboy, caber, candlesnuffer, candlewoman, charwoman, concessionaire, constable, cook, dresser, featherman, guard, lampman, messenger, music caller, music porter, numberer, plumber, scene painter, scowrer, sweeper, treasurer, watchman, and wigmaker, as well as the various "keepers": of box, box office, gallery door, hall, house, instrument, lobby, lobby door, office, pit, pit office, and scene.
While asking executives of the labor union for their cooperation over the visit, Yara ordered the removal of flyers and billstickers expressing opposition to the visit around local government buildings to show his firm stance against those opposing the visit.