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Those working offstage include the barber, bill carrier, billsticker, callboy, caber, candlesnuffer, candlewoman, charwoman, concessionaire, constable, cook, dresser, featherman, guard, lampman, messenger, music caller, music porter, numberer, plumber, scene painter, scowrer, sweeper, treasurer, watchman, and wigmaker, as well as the various "keepers": of box, box office, gallery door, hall, house, instrument, lobby, lobby door, office, pit, pit office, and scene.
Jim Wilson founded Phantom Billstickers, New Zealand's premier poster and street-media company in 1982, to give musicians, the arts, and creative people in New Zealand a voice, and to use posters on walls to put "Bums on Seats".
You can read about the Phantom Billstickers Poems on Posters project as well as Jim Wilson's articles on postering in cities across the USA at http://www.
Media Contact: Kelly Wilson ofPhantom Billstickers, +1-215 297 4212, kelly@0800phantom.
Back home in New Zealand, Wilson's company Phantom Billstickers Ltd has put up thousands of Kiwi poems on walls and poster bollards from Invercargill to Whangarei.
The exact numbers of house staff employed behind the scenes is difficult to determine, as they were rarely listed individually by name in the account books, but grouped under general categories such as scenemen, billstickers or sweepers.
While asking executives of the labor union for their cooperation over the visit, Yara ordered the removal of flyers and billstickers expressing opposition to the visit around local government buildings to show his firm stance against those opposing the visit.