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(ˈbɪlɪˌəʊ) ,






like billyo informal (intensifier): snowing like billyo. Also called: billy-ho
[C19: of unknown origin]
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Noun1.billyo - an unimaginably large amountbillyo - an unimaginably large amount; "British say `it rained like billyo' where Americans say `it rained like all get out'"
large indefinite amount, large indefinite quantity - an indefinite quantity that is above the average in size or magnitude


n (esp Brit inf) like billyowie verrückt (inf)


billyoh [ˈbɪlɪˌəʊ] n (Brit) (fam) they were fighting like billyo(h)si riempivano di botte
it was raining like billyo(h) → pioveva a dirotto
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Asda's offering is less heart-tugging and more sick-inducing featuring as it does a mum in disguise as a laden pack-horse who rushes around multi-tasking like billy-oh in order to make Christmas happen for her family.
It's why they whoop like billy-oh when Charlton Heston says gun law reformers will have to take his rifle from his "cold, dead hands.
There you are, heaving like billy-oh, and the ring pull stays firmly in place with a smug attitude that would under any other circumstances have you throwing the thing against the wall - except that if you did it would suddenly burst open and redecorate your kitchen with tomato soup.