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 (bī-lō′bāt′) also bi·lo·bat·ed (-bā′tĭd) or bi·lobed (bī′lōbd′)
Divided into or having two lobes: a bilobate leaf.


(baɪˈləʊˌbeɪt) or


divided into or having two lobes: a bilobate leaf.


(baɪˈloʊ beɪt)

also bi•lo′bat•ed, bi′lobed`,

consisting of or divided into two lobes.
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Adj.1.bilobate - having two lobesbilobate - having two lobes; "a bilobate leaf"
compound - composed of more than one part; "compound leaves are composed of several lobes; "compound flower heads"
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She had decoratively filed upper incisors, and as an infant her cranium had been artificially shaped in a style known as tabular erect fronto-occipital bilobate (Dembo & Imbelloni 1938).
Lobed phytoliths include bilobate types (including crosses and dumbbells) and polylobate types.
3B), the right paramere that is modestly expanded on its basal section and then slightly bilobate and hooked apically (Fig.
Intermediate valves broadly rectangular, anterior margin convex, posterior margin straight, side margins strongly bilobate, apices usually worn away (Fig.
Hemispermatophore: basal portion very developed; distal lamina short and curved, smaller than the basal portion; distal crest parallel to and almost transversal to the posterior margin, with a transversal crest; internal lobe with a small bilobate apophysis in its external surface that is not connected with the laminar apophysis (Fig.
On one specimen, one of the branches exhibits delicate annulations on the lateral ridges which are transverse to a narrow median furrow, imparting a bilobate appearance, while on a second branch these features are very faint and poorly preserved.
After euthanization, bilobate gonads were excised, cleaned of connective tissue and weighed.
Dettner (6) noted that second and third instars of European species of the subgenus Guignotites have trilobate labia with labia of larvae of the remaining species bilobate.
Coxae of male second legs with a bilobate structure posteroventrally, with scales on lobes distally (Fig.
The Scoyenia ichnofacies is emended to consist primarily of bilobate or striate pits and trails, trackways, meniscate burrows, (sparse coverage) simple burrows and, if present, subordinate vertical burrows.
Additional trace fossils from the Khmelnitski Formation, described as "trails of bilobate to three-lobed structure", show general similarity with the Estonian material but in addition have occasional three-lobed development (Palij et al.