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 (bī-lŏk′yə-lər) also bi·loc·u·late (-lĭt, -lāt′)
Divided into or containing two chambers.


(baɪˈlɒkjʊlə) or


(Biology) biology divided into two chambers or cavities: some flowering plants have bilocular ovaries.
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Adj.1.bilocular - divided into or containing two cells or chambersbilocular - divided into or containing two cells or chambers; "having a bilocular capsule"
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
divided - separated into parts or pieces; "opinions are divided"
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The grounds upon which Linnaeus would fain have banished the whales from the waters, he states as follows: On account of their warm bilocular heart, their lungs, their movable eyelids, their hollow ears, penem intrantem feminam mammis lactantem, and finally, ex lege naturae jure meritoque.
Gynoecium initially bicarpellate, bilocular, and with two ovules per locule, gradually elongating from a yellowish green, completely submerged by the nectary disk, then turning asymmetric, conical, bright purplish-red, conspicuously exserted during anthesis, with one locule and three of the four ovules aborted; style and stigma not differentiated except by the subapical epidermal cells that are heavily striate during elongation.
The ovary is bilocular, but each locule is subdivided into two chambers.
El ovario es bilocular, en cada loculo se forman dos ovulos.
setigero o quillas Columna Apice alado Estigma Antera Bilocular, blanca Polinio 8 (4 en cada loculo), sectile Fuente: los autores.
The flowers are yellow to green--yellow, actinodromous, with six subequal tepals, nine bilocular anthers and unicarpelar, unilocular, minutely pubescent ovary, sunk into the floral tube in a hypanthium that develops with fruit ripening forming a turbinated cupule, often 4-to 5-parted, red-colored, with floral remains in the margin.
Del 2,4% restante (n=79), el 97,5% son partes de vaina de Prosopis (n=77) y el resto corresponde a un endocarpo bilocular de Rhamnaceae y a un fragmento de una hoja de planta suculenta aun no identificada (Tabla 2).
The plunging cyst is similar; however, it is bilocular and characterized by having a connection through the thyro-hyoid membrane, allowing it to extend into the preepiglottic space.
As flores sao amarelo-esverdeadas, sendo que as predominantemente femininas tem um ovario bilocular com estigma bifendido no topo.
The pollen grain is yellowish; gynoecium is bicarpelar, with bilocular ovary and axile placentation.
parvicornis is easily separated from all other species by the unique character of dorsal bilocular pore aggregations (Williams & Kondo, 2008).
5A) y con todos los organos florales completamente desarrollados: el gineceo con ovario supero, sincarpico, bicarpelar, bilocular, con estigma decurrente y amarillo verdoso.