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 (bī-no͞o′klē-ĭt, -āt′, -nyo͞o′-) also bi·nu·cle·at·ed (-ā′tĭd) or bi·nu·cle·ar (-klē-ər, -nyo͞o′-)
Having two nuclei.
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Adj.1.binucleated - having two nuclei
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
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Genetic damage evaluation, mutation and genetic instability can be used as a biomarker to assess the level of lesion, [5] karyorrhexis (KR) and binucleated eggs (BN) (Fig.
5 Binucleated (BN) cell is most commonly present in cancer cells and may appear as a result of different type of causes; the increased rate of binucleation is usually not preferably a definite indicative parameter.
Assessment of genetic biomarkers with special reference to micronucleated and binucleated erythrocytes in two fish species grown at Industrial vicinity of thermal power plants, Kolkata, India.
The frequencies of micronuclei (MN) were determined in 4000 binucleated cells (BNCs) and 2000 mononucleated (MNCs) from two independent cultures.
In Colombia, it has been observed in slaughtered cattle, mononuclear cell cholangiohepatitis, foamy macrophages, moderate bile pigment accumulation, hepatocyte death, binucleated hepatocytes, moderate bile duct hyperplasia and multiple foci of mild fibrosis in portal areas caused by B.
Increased levels of lead in the blood and frequencies of lymphocytic micronucleated binucleated cells among workers from an electronic-waste recycling site.
Interestingly, in the absence of mABK, an increased number of binucleated cells were observed following AAK inhibition.
In addition, occasional binucleated and multinucleated cells and pinkish intercellular collagenous material were noticed.
There were occasional binucleated and multinucleated neoplastic cells; 15 mitotic figures in ten x400 fields were counted.
Each hepatocyte contains a single central rounded vesicular nucleus; some of the hepatocytes are binucleated.
Latex 1% Latex 5% Latex 10% Water Sodium azide Stickness 0 1 4 0 62 Lagging chromosome 1 1 6 0 74 Disturbance 2 3 4 0 80 Anaphase bridge 0 3 7 0 66 Binucleated 2 1 1 0 11 cells Micronucleus 0 1 0 1 151 Note: Table made from bar graph.