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The accumulation of a substance, such as a toxic chemical, in various tissues of a living organism: the bioaccumulation of mercury in fish.

bi′o·ac·cu′mu·la′tive adj.
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The aim of the present study was to determine the level of selected toxicants in water, their bioaccumulation and effects on antioxidant enzymes i.
He was also responsible for the revision of the OECD fish bioaccumulation test incorporating a minimized approach to reduce the number of animals from ca.
Data on bioaccumulation are needed because the water quality standard for ecological effects on aquatic organisms is not sufficiently protective for food chain effects.
Bioaccumulation and biomagnifications of heavy metals in living organisms describes the processes and path-ways of pollutants from one trophic level to another.
It means that exponential phase of microbial growth is very crucial for bioaccumulation of heavy metals.
Many of these residual chemicals, especially derivatives of chlorinated pesticides, are capable of bioaccumulation and can build up to harmful levels in the body as well as in the environment.
Collectively, these findings demonstrated biotransfer without bioaccumulation occurred at low Se levels, bioaccumulation occurred as the Se levels increased, and biodilution occurred at high Se levels.
Therefore, it is significant to study the bioaccumulation of heavy metals in fish at various fish organs to ensure that high heavy metals content are not transmitted to human through consumption of fish, [7].
This bioaccumulation - the increasing accumulation of a substance in an organism - affects fish a lot, and they are the most common source for human mercury poisoning.
Two types of models are typically developed for this purpose: bioaccumulation models and human exposure models.
Liver, being a regulatory organ, is a main site, where bioaccumulation of metals takes place because of its detoxifying nature through the production of metallothionein (Canli and Atli, 2003).
As (III) bioaccumulation was done by the method used in our previous study using differential pulse anodic stripping voltammetric technique [19].