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A substance, especially an enzyme, that initiates or modifies the rate of a chemical reaction in a living body; a biochemical catalyst.

bi′o·cat′a·lyt′ic (-kăt′l-ĭt′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.biocatalytic - of or relating to biocatalysts
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One approach to achieve that goal that is gaining significant support from pharmaceutical manufacturers is the use of engineered enzymes for the biocatalytic production of increasingly complex synthetic molecules.
CBI will create biocatalytic methods for high-yield production of advanced biofuels that can be blended with existing transportation fuels.
We anticipate that in future, sequence based metagenome database search with bioinformatic tools will have a greater influence on mining of novel biocatalytic genes than function-based methods.
Effect of Medium Age and Supplementation with the Biocatalytic Oxygen-Reducing Reagent Oxyrase on In Vitro Activities of Tigecycline against Recent Clinical Isolates.
He describes the best ways to develop, understand, and use yeast to manufacture bulk ethanol; enhancing the use of the ethanol/gasoline fuel blend in internal combustion engines; computer-based optimization for producing ethanol in manufacturing; selecting feedstock sources; the biocatalytic properties of yeast and how to optimize its performance; cost parameters and patterns in the ethanol industry; minimizing pollution; by-products; and the alternative route to ethanol through ethylene.
One of the most important advantages of enzyme immobilization using nanostructure carriers is the fact that significantly increase life cycles of the biocatalyst allowing its reuse and so, reducing the overall cost of the biocatalytic process.
Thus, poly-Ninylpyrrolidone graft copolymers basis on arabinogalactane is a promising biocatalytic support.
Biocatalytic removal of nickel and vanadium from petroporphyri ns an d asphaltenes.
Novel biocatalytic polymer- based antimicrobial coating as potential urethral biomaterial preparation.
An enzyme serves as catalysts for the chemical process that include the production of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, research & biotechnology, and biocatalytic solutions.
Speciality enzyme manufacturer, Biocatalysts, has recently partnered with a food ingredient company that has developed a novel biocatalytic route for synthesis of a high value flavour compound.