(ˌbaɪ oʊˈsɛn trɪk)

centered in life; having life as its principal fact.
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The difficulty characterizing life partly results from inability to subdue our biocentric prejudices.
It makes the case for a posthumanist ethics that draws on work done in coevolutionary neo-Darwinism, biocentric ethics, animal umwelt phenomenology, and non-anthropocentric animal ethics.
We should always define missio Dei as the sending of God on a two-way street; this sending does not have an anthropocentric focus, but a biocentric one.
an appreciation of the intrinsic value of everything in nature--a biocentric rather than an anthropocentric viewpoint; and end to dualisms like male/female, thought/action, and spiritual/natural.
Given that many scientists now hypothesize that the entire universe (not just human civilization) is teeming with communication, the biocentric aspects of Serres's elaborate communicative paradigm will ensure the future relevance of his theories about information in general.
It is important to note that despite the fact that both Ubuntu and Ujamaa recognize the spiritual essence of all existents (humans and non-humans alike) they, like the Western ontology, lack essential structural orientation which can support either biocentric or ecocentric ethics; that is to say, their ontological orientations can only support anthropocentrism.
But these are anthropocentric arguments and I am seeking a more biocentric appraisal of their importance.
The near-universal failure of this biocentric, protectionist paradigm, which discounts human development concerns, (Kareiva, Lalasz, and Marvier 2011) yields an adversarial discourse that I have found to unproductively reify students' understandings of "nature" and "the environment" as bounded categories (Dowie 2011).
Berry spent the greater part of three decades constructing a new cosmology, or a new creation story, as he liked to call it, which placed the good of the universe as the highest goal sought and insisted on a robust biocentric egalitarianism that considered all beings as subjects, not objects, in ethical deliberation.
One of the more important contributing factors for engagement is whether an individual holds an anthropocentric or a biocentric worldview.
From 1854 to 1960, the reader follows professional and amateur members of the society, their relationships with representatives of the State across metropolitan and colonial territories and their transition of a utilitarian conception of nature to one that is more scientific and biocentric.
Biocentric generic viral load assay--A real-time PCR assay called the Biocentric generic viral load assay is available from Biocentric that can be placed on a variety of real-time analysers and is referred to as an open system.