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The study of the effects of climatic conditions on living organisms.

bi′o·cli·mat′ic (-klī-măt′ĭk) adj.


concerning the relations between climate and living organisms
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Adj.1.bioclimatic - of or concerned with the relations of climate and living organisms
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It is hoped that the prime contractors who will be allowed to compete offer a bioclimatic aquatic center that favors common sense to the stacking of technical processes that increase maintenance costs.
With 25 years of experience in engineering and telecom, ITER has built a bioclimatic site powered by renewable energy from wind farms and solar panels.
Following the principles of bioclimatic architecture, the development harmoniously co-exists with its environs, earning a registration in the Philippine Green Building Council's BERDE (Building for Ecologically Responsible Design Excellence) certification system, even as it offers features found in a gated village.
On the basis of bioclimatic model of determining crops water consumption, the model of agriculturally used areas water consumption rationing is proposed, including the basic principles of land reclamation, improving of biological and preventing of geological circulation of water and chemicals.
The conservation of Lleadbeater's possum, Gymnobelideus leadbeateri (McCoy): A case study of the use of bioclimatic modelling.
Nesreen Ghaddar, conference chair, commented: "This conference offers the latest advanced building and bioclimatic designs to specifically adapt to moderate and hot humid climates in the gulf region.
Architects submitted ideas for a village of bioclimatic homes that would be adapted to the local climate and be energy self-sufficient.
To contribute in the development of pest risk assessments for fruit culture in Mexico, we applied the maximum entropy algorithm to assess the role of bioclimatic factors in determining the geographic distribution of 5 important insect pest species of avocado, and their interaction with commercial avocado-growing areas.
The bioclimatic layers used represent a range of climate conditions including temperature, isothermy, seasonality, precipitation, solar radiation and moisture index.
The two leading models describing the effect of seasons on suicide are the bioclimatic and socio-demographic models.
db] is indicative of thermal condition, it does not fully reflect the thermal feeling of the animals, as other bioclimatic variables strongly influence comfort, such as relative humidity (RH), air speed and irradiative heat.