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n. pl. bi·o·coe·no·ses (-sēz) Chiefly British
Variant of biocenosis.


(ˌbaɪəʊsɪˈnəʊsɪs) or


(Biology) a diverse community inhabiting a single biotope
ˌbiocoeˈnotic, ˌbioceˈnotic adj
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Differences in both environmental and faunistic conditions might have led to the separation of coastal marine vertebrate biocoenosis from the brackish-water one within the same basin.
Gynecologists have been increasingly frequently switching from vaginal biocoenosis assessment towards cervical cytology results to obtain information on infection type.
State of macrobenthos within Modiolus Phaseolinus biocoenosis from Romanian Black Sea continental shelf.
Biogeography is a terrestrial science concerning the distribution of species, plant communities, habitats, biocoenosis, ecosystems, biomes and bioregions on Earth, as well as the relationships between them and their conditions.
But today, the systematic use of these products is called into question, with increasing risk awareness that they can generate for the biocoenosis (Fournier et al.
All 100 observed and examined children reported to have biocoenosis disorders, including 50% with Candida infection and 23% with staphylococcal dysbiosis.
On the other hand, the habitats having balanced conditions inhabit biocoenosis richness in terms of the number of species and with uniform distribution of individuals.
This means that the biocoenosis of the forest is upheld and it continues to function as a protective shield against natural dangers, a drinking water reservoir, a recreational spot, and natural habitat for animals and plants.