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 (bī′ō-ĭ-lĕk-trŏn′ĭks, -ē-lĕk-)
n. (used with a sing. verb)
1. The application of the principles of electronics to biology and medicine.
2. The study of the role of intermolecular electron transfer in physiological processes.

bi′o·e·lec·tron′ic adj.


(ˌbaɪ oʊ ɪ lɛkˈtrɒn ɪks, -ˌi lɛk-)

n. (used with a sing. v.)
1. the study of electron transfer reactions as they occur in biological systems.
2. the application of electronic devices to living organisms for clinical testing, diagnosis, and therapy.
bi`o•e•lec•tron′ic, adj.
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It could be exquisitely specific and therefore both more efficacious and safer than most medicines used today," Kris Famm, GSK's head of bioelectronics, told Forbes last fall.
GSK's chairman of global vaccines Moncef Slaoui said: "This agreement with Verily to establish Galvani Bioelectronics signals a crucial step forward in GSK's bioelectronics journey, bringing together health and tech to realise a shared vision of miniaturised, precision electrical therapies.
Critique: Rejuvenation therapies that could potentially extend human lifespans to 160 years or more, chemical or bioelectronic cognitive enhancement that could double or triple IQ scores, bioelectronic devices for modulating brain processes including "pleasure centers", so-called "designer babies", and much more are poised to cross the threshhold from science fiction to reality in the near future.
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BioElectronics Corporation has completed a randomized, placebo controlled crossover trial on plantar fasciitis (heel pain) using ActiPatch.
Unlike other groups researching neural systems, we are focusing on the 'information-carrying' signals in different neural circuits and how we can both read and modulate them," says Kristoffer Famm, head of bioelectronics research at GSK.
BioElectronics Corporation has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with the Republic of Poland for its RecoveryRx product line with Med&Care, Gdynia, Poland.
In May 2013, US firm BioElectronics signed a distribution agreement with Mazaya Scientific Bureau for the sale of three of its products.
MEMS, bioMEMS and bioelectronics -- materials and devices; proceedings.