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 (bī′ō-jĕn′ĭ-sĭs) also bi·og·e·ny (bī-ŏj′ə-nē)
1. The principle that living organisms develop only from other living organisms and not from nonliving matter.
2. Generation of living organisms from other living organisms.
4. The supposed recurrence of the evolutionary stages of a species during the embryonic development and differentiation of a member of that species. Also called recapitulation.

bi′o·ge·net′ic (-jə-nĕt′ĭk), bi′o·ge·net′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.
bi′o·ge·net′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.biogenetic - of or relating to the production of living organisms from other living organismsbiogenetic - of or relating to the production of living organisms from other living organisms
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Three sets of factors - biogenetic predisposition, individual characteristics, and family functioning - have usually been examined separately.
They have also joined flesh in the biogenetic addition of some evelm substance to Marq Dyeth's human sister, Little Maxa.
Widely discussed policy options include the identification of key biomes that need protecting to efficiently preserve biodiversity, the institutional strengthening of park services, streamlining and harmonizing legislation and agencies, biogenetic prospecting by transnational corporations, debt-for-nature swaps, and the need to provide economic opportunities for impoverished rural communities--the livelihood question.
You're doing a story on the latest in biogenetic research.
In A Dictionary of Genetics (King and Stansfield 1990) race is defined as a scientific, biogenetic concept, "a phenotypically and/or geographically distinctive subspecific group, composed of individuals inhabiting a defined geographic and/or ecological region, and possessing characteristic phenotypic and gene frequencies that distinguish it from other such groups.
It also has offered two of the earliest biogenetic curative products based on research at the University of Moscow.
TIGR operates a virtual biogenetic factory, with dozens of sequencing robots running around the clock.
Each plant species has its own unique biogenetic pathways that determine how it produces its metabolic chemicals; two plants might produce the same chemical using different biogenetic pathways.
Bush's rabid enthusiasm for biogenetic patenting (most famously evinced in his refusal to sign the Biodiversity Treaty in Rio, since it was insufficiently attentive to the U.
In reviewing nineteenth-century theories of sexual difference, Russett notes that most scientists based their work generally upon the theory of evolution, and more specifically upon several other foundational ideas: "From physics they took the principles of the conservation of energy and the correlation of forces; from biology, sexual selection, the biogenetic law ('ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny'), and the physiological division of labor" (10).
Utility patents, which are the most commonly referred to, cover all sorts of things and methods of making and using things, such as computers, software, circuits, chemicals, biogenetic advances, machines, clothing and much, much more.