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1. Originating from living things.
2. Producing life.
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Adj.1.biogenous - producing or produced by living thingsbiogenous - producing or produced by living things
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The CO2 can be obtained from the atmosphere or from biogenous waste gases and, as with all Audi e-fuels, is the only source of carbon.
From the point of view of energy policy, the European Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan for 2020 identifies Strategic Technologies Focus on the following priorities: Energy Efficiency: high efficiency conversion devices represent elements of a higher efficiency portfolio Renewable Energy: traditional RES (solar, wind, hydro) but also biogenous fuels (biogas, bio-syngas, bio-fuels) and new synthetic vectors (H2, synthetic NG, .
Only the aqueous extract of placenta acts as a biogenous stimulator-by accelerating cellular metabolism (through the pituitary-adrenal cortical axis], assisting in the absorption of exudates, stimulating the regenerative process, and increasing the physiological actions of organs.