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1. Originating from living things.
2. Producing life.
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Adj.1.biogenous - producing or produced by living thingsbiogenous - producing or produced by living things
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From the point of view of energy policy, the European Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan for 2020 identifies Strategic Technologies Focus on the following priorities: Energy Efficiency: high efficiency conversion devices represent elements of a higher efficiency portfolio Renewable Energy: traditional RES (solar, wind, hydro) but also biogenous fuels (biogas, bio-syngas, bio-fuels) and new synthetic vectors (H2, synthetic NG, .
The Bosch Group has been developing and manufacturing standardised or customised CHP plants for biogenous gases and natural gas for almost 30 years and Bosch said that its KWK system draws on decades of experience in the manufacturing of cogeneration plants.
There is thus an important gap in current knowledge as few or no liquefaction case histories involving marine biogenous calcareous sands (uncemented or cemented) have been included in current liquefaction case history databases (e.
The pre-treatment has two streams; green waste (yard, biogenous, market, and catering/kitchen waste) and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).
Optical modeling of the upper ocean in relation to its biogenous matter content (case I waters).