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Noun1.biogeographical region - an area of the Earth determined by distribution of flora and fauna
benthic division, benthonic zone, benthos - a region including the bottom of the sea and the littoral zones
region - a large indefinite location on the surface of the Earth; "penguins inhabit the polar regions"
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This biogeographical region largely coincides with the area designated by classic authors as the sub-Antarctic province (Cabrera & Willink, 1973), the sub-Antarctic subregion (Morrone, 2001) or Maritime Pacific South America (Josse et al.
Thus, it is probably no coincidence finding that the distribution of this tradition falls on what geographers define as the Atlantic biogeographical region of Europe (Fig.
The study area is located in the Pannonian biogeographical region of southwestern Hungary (Labod region; centre: 46[degrees]11' N, 17[degrees]30' E; 164.
Specifically, the project aims to: Reduce direct pressure on biological diversity, by improving the conservation status of vulnerable estuarine habitats and species of Community interest; Promote the sustainable development of educational, cultural and leisure activities in estuarine systems; Improve estuarine ecological restoration in the Atlantic biogeographical region by promoting a participative planning approach, knowledge management and the dissemination of results; and Improve the conservation status of estuarine marine birds and habitats across the Natura 2000 coastal area of Cantabria, through the design and drafting of an inundation management plan on coastal lagoons (both natural and anthropic).
lamorali appears to be limited to the temperate South-West biogeographical region, and specifically to the Cape Peninsula.
The Mediterranean Sea has been colonized and invaded by alien marine organisms from the Indo-Pacific biogeographical region in a movement of thermophilic marine species from the Red Sea via the Suez Canal.
Their topics include species performance and treatment effectiveness for revegetating the Mojave Desert in the US, soil acidification and buffering mechanisms in the boreal biogeographical region, analyzing shadows to measure soil surface roughness to evaluate wind erosion, a case study in northern China of a new concept and measures to control wind erosion in agricultural land, and the effects of solar disinfection and heating on the sensitivity of virulent multiple-antibiotic resistance and non-virulent sensible strains of non-01 Vibrio cholerae and fecal coliforms isolated from Marrakesh groundwater.
Finally, the floristics lists of levels below the biogeographical region are included precisely because a comparison of their genus flora with other regions can shed light about their true floristic affinities.
During this period, members of 29 families of Panamic fishes were recorded from California waters, and ten of those were reported as new or first records from the warm-temperate or San Diegan biogeographical region of the eastern North Pacific (Lea and Rosenblatt 2000).
In this paper the author reviews the zoological evidence for climatic change for the northern part of Borneo, which forms the eastern block of the West Malesian biogeographical region, i.
Note, however, that profound harms and benefits emerge from like features of the economic object: from the integrity that characterizes both the biogeographical region (or the atmosphere) and the technological paradigm.