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1. A biological agent, such as an infectious microorganism, or a condition that constitutes a threat to humans, especially in biological research or experimentation.
2. The potential danger, risk, or harm from exposure to such an agent or condition.

bi′o·haz′ard·ous (-ər-dəs) adj.


adj biopeligroso, que presenta riesgo biológico
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The pads come in versions suitable for either standard or biohazardous environments, and the mop handle includes a quick release lever, which means you'll all but eliminate potential contact with whatever nasty fluids you're cleaning up.
According to the company, it operates the only fully permitted "high heat" treatment facility in California for all categories of medical waste, pharmaceutical, pathological, trace chemo, sharps and biohazardous materials.
Contributors in a variety of medical and biological fields present a resource for biosafety professionals and for students, staff, faculty, and clinicians who are working with or around potentially biohazardous materials in research laboratories, medical settings, and industrial environments.
Think nuclear weapons and fissile fuel, biohazardous materials, worldwide social media and whether internet censorship is needed, gene therapies, and genetic modifications.
This includes using permanent glass cuvettes to minimize resources allocated for their replacements, biohazardous waste disposal, and maintenance of plastic cuvettes.
The First Call Restoration team brings a foundation in service, along with years of experience in repairing and restoring residential and commercial damage from water, fire and smoke, mold and biohazardous materials.
Waste containing infectious biohazardous materials must be completely sterilized.
By the time the barbecue is dragged from the garage, the cobwebs scrubbed off of it, the grill washed and cleansed of the now biohazardous remains of the last sausage cremated the year before, dinner is ready to be cooked.
He also realised that very few people were correctly trained to clean up in situations where bodily fluids or other biohazardous waste such as syringes left behind by drug users were present.
The hybrid coupling provides a quick and easy way to replace consumable fluids, and at the same time, eliminates exposure to potential biohazardous spills on waste containers.
In addition, the HPR aligns with all of the health hazard classes in HCS 2012 except for Biohazardous Infectious Materials, Physical Hazards Not Otherwise Classified (PHNOC), and Health Hazards Not Otherwise Classified (HHNOC).
The Aptra line consists of two products: Aptra Classic is a high-performance breathable film used for disposable clothing in biohazardous environments.