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The process of leaching metals from ore by using bacteria or fungi to convert the metals into a soluble form.

bi′o·leached′ adj.
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In the past few years, bioleaching technology using especially Thiobacillus ferrooxidans (T.
2011), or time consuming, as in the case of biological methods such as bioleaching ((Cheng et al.
This method provides a useful, low-cost, nontoxic route for the synthesis of pure nanostructures of copper oxide from copper leaching and bioleaching sites [12,13].
We also want to do some pilot plant work on the bioleaching process, which is quite exciting.
Bioleaching, used in facilities around the world, is a good example of this.
A further 5% can be earned if REBgold's bioleaching technology can lead to a material improvement in the project economics.
Bioleaching of metals from ores is a practical example (Erhlich and Brierley, 1990).
The advantages of bioleaching are its relatively low cost, the mild conditions of the process and the subsequent low demand for energy or landfill space compared with conventional technologies [13].
This month's issue features a look at the unique bioleaching process that cleans mine tailings while recovering the precious resources left behind.
We have devised a project regarding the leaching, bioleaching, and production of copper sulfate solution from this dust.
Other chapters discuss minimally invasive procedures to treat breast and ovarian cancers; gene expression and radiation nephropathy; DNA microarray methods; genetic fingerprinting methods for the characterization of bioleaching microorganisms and applications to marine organisms; working with degraded samples; and genetic markers for external visible traits.