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A preparation that is synthesized from living organisms or their products, especially a human or animal protein, such as a hormone or antitoxin, that is used as a diagnostic, preventive, or therapeutic agent. Also called biological drug.
Variant of biological.
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Adj.1.biologic - pertaining to biology or to life and living thingsbiologic - pertaining to biology or to life and living things


, biological
a. biológico-a, rel. a la biología;
___ assayanálisis ___;
___ controlcontrol ___;
___ evolutionevolución ___;
___ half-lifesemivida ___;
___ immunotherapyinmunoterapia ___;
___ indicatorindicador ___;
___ psychiatrysiquiatría ___;
___ warfareguerra ___.

biologic, biological

adj biológico; — clock reloj biológico; — mother madre biológica; n (pharm) biológico
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7) exploring the role of social/environmental factors in explaining observed biologic variability in response to heart failure, cancer, asthma, or other therapies.
The paper, " Biologics Revolution: Breaking down barriers to entry for advanced biologic solutions ," captures MedCap CEO Christopher Velis' insights from the field.
It is expected the BRIC markets will account for over 25% of global biologic revenues by 2015.
CANCUN, MEXICO - The use of other biologic therapies in rheumatoid arthritis patients previously treated with rituximab is not associated with an increased risk of serious infection, a study has shown.
As part of the overall debate on health care reform, Congress is examining the regulation of generic biologic drugs.
Building this facility provides additional manufacturing capacity to meet future patient need for our biologic therapies and helps position the company for long-term growth in this important area of medicine.
The emerging field dedicated to the study of this form of biologic regulation is termed "epigenetics.
Women's biologic, cultural, economic, and social status can increase their likelihood of becoming infected with HIV.
com/research/hmdflj/outlook_of_global) has announced the addition of the "Outlook of Global Biologic Drug Discovery Outsourcing Market" report to their offering.
The reality is that biologic companies fund most of the educational activities.
The guidance is expected to delineate what studies should be conducted for a follow-on biologic application as well as include a list of off-patent biologics for which a follow-on could be approved.
Taxonomy, the science of identifying and naming entities, has long been an integral component of biologic sciences, both in botany and zoology.