biological research

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Noun1.biological research - scientific research conducted by biologistsbiological research - scientific research conducted by biologists
cloning - a general term for the research activity that creates a copy of some biological entity (a gene or organism or cell)
nuclear transplantation, SCNT, somatic cell nuclear transfer, somatic cell nuclear transplantation - moving a cell nucleus and its genetic material from one cell to another
stem-cell research - research on stem cells and their use in medicine
research project, scientific research - research into questions posed by scientific theories and hypotheses
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The objective of the conference was to stimulate interest and promote research and education in Applied Biological Research, Molecular Techniques and other related fields.
According to the department's inspector general, the NNSA, which runs a number of biological research facilities in conjunction with the DOE, is planning to invest $9.
PCR Arrays are powerful biological research tools allowing investigators to analyze the expression of a focused panel of 84 genes by using any real- time PCR instrument like a microarray.
In addition to the biological research laboratory, other projects ACC has completed for the Burke Rehabilitation Hospital include a three-story building with daycare facilities, state-of-the-art conference data centers, office areas, physical fitness gym and common areas.
In terms of biological research and development, there is an urgent need to restrain "dangerous science," but dangerous science can be difficult to define.
If the situation here, doesn't improve, biological research in the UK will dry up.
In the last decade of the last century, serious clinical and biological research into sexual orientation began for the first time in human history.
Colucci says the company would not allow his surfactant studies to be published and he recalls being told by supervisors never to discuss any conclusions from his biological research with company executives.
an environmental and natural resource management consulting firm headquartered in Houston, TX, announced today the addition of Biological Research Associates, LLC ("BRA").
Tokyo, Japan, Mar 30, 2006 - (JCN) - Takara Bio announced on March 28 that its subsidiary, Takara Biomedical Technology (Beijing), has received approval from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce for an expansion of its lines of business, namely the import and wholesaling of reagents for biological research and laboratory equipment.
This year's fair will consist of a mix of biotech, pharmaceutical, patent law and consulting companies looking to hire PhDs with experience in medical and biological research.
The past few decades of biological research using largely a reductionist approach have yielded vast amounts of data.

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