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(Biology) the explanation of human behaviour through biology


(baɪˈɒl əˌdʒɪz əm)

the use or emphasis of biological principles in explaining human, esp. social, behavior.


a theory or doctrine based on a biological viewpoint. — biologistic, adj.
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Noun1.biologism - use of biological principles in explaining human especially social behavior
practice, pattern - a customary way of operation or behavior; "it is their practice to give annual raises"; "they changed their dietary pattern"
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We can have a ruthlessly self-consistent system, like Hitler's biologism or Stalin's Marxism, but it will not be human.
But this biologism plays little role in what follows: it would have sufficed for him to note they are important.
This biologism included the search for natural explanations in ethics, psychology, aesthetics, and other traditional areas of philosophical inquiry.
To support this approach to gender-based linguistic differences it is important to consider the latest findings in science, which Cameron in her article "Sex/Gender, Language and the New Biologism" calls, disparagingly, the "New biologism.
We can complicate, for instance, the centrality of biopolitical reproductive biologism by expanding the terrain of who reproduces and what is reproduced .
Paradoxically, the solution offered is predicated on biology, and so undermines a pure form of either constructivism or biologism.
While no one would object to living well and faithfully, and while the temptation to biologism and excessively reductionist science must surely be avoided, recent work suggests that humans are not as free to make choices about what to believe and how to live as many may wish.
A key aspect of this book is its focus on the body and biologism, which are of course issues central to so much of CAM practice but which, Barcan claims, have been marginalized by, particularly, many gender studies-based analyses.
The complication of locating animal in either category, of biologism or zoologism, and human beyond animal also problematize Foucault's notion of biopower/bio-politics, opening a new insight to the fact that the project on biopolitics cannot be sufficiently critical without observation of the relation between animality and sovereignty.
Nevertheless, he publishes nonfiction prose without difficulty, and since his massive La imaginacion y el poder (1998), a solid history of Mexico in 1968, to the weaker biologism of Leer la mente (2011), he is combining his interests in fiction and history, not always successfully, as the reactions to his flawed cultural history El insomnio de Bolivar (2009) prove.
6) That this is a biological necessity is predicated on the adequation of biological function to instrumentality: that is, death is necessarily carried back to the very level of biologism.
This position entails some fundamental difficulties in Wiredu's attempt to give his biologism a theoretical defense.

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