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brooch by Danish silversmith Georg Jensen (1866-1935)


A nonrepresentational form or pattern that resembles a living organism in shape or appearance.

bi′o·mor′phic adj.
bi′o·mor′phism n.


having the form of a living organism
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the biomorphic ones that jut and hang in many of his dreamscapes, those
As I travelled extensively to consult scholars on individual artists, I was surprised and encouraged by their interest and kindness in sharing information and suggesting further sources, particularly regarding the artists who had developed biomorphic aesthetics.
Al Noor Island consists of a uniquely-designed covered and streamlined structure inspired by butterflies' natural environment; the Butterfly House, one of its main attractions, has an ornamentally-perforated shadow roof, biomorphic exterior and green-light and plant-covered walls and will house as many as 500 exotic of these insects.
Like the original SHADOW, the Tiger Woods version features NASA-inspired biomorphic design, incredible sound and a fashion-forward look for music fans.
Olga Balema's cleverly sited "Interior Biomorphic Attachment" series of sculptures made from latex and poly foam stretched across steel frames bend up and along and around the catacomb walls of the ground level in a 1970s-bathroom-fixture palette.
MirE, who died in 1983 at age 90, is best known for the lively colors and biomorphic patterns in his paintings, prints and sculptures that brought a fantastical world to life.
Specific topics include the design of a membrane biosensor, a sine-wave exciting circuit for a quartz vibrating gyroscope, using electrical resistance tomography to measure parameters in ice-water two-phase flow, texturing multi-crystalline silicon wafers by etching with an ultrasonic standing wave in acid, a novel fiber-optic sensing systems for detecting methane, and synthesizing biomorphic ceria templated from crucian fish scales.
Miyashita Zenji was an internationally celebrated artist whose geometric and biomorphic ceramic sculptures were wrapped with his signature irregular, gradated coloured-clay overlays that inspire visions of sunsets, distant hills, drifting clouds or rolling waves.
I feel that the fluid and curvilinear forms and the soft lines I have been using in my paintings have a very close relationship with the biomorphic movement of today's architectureC* I am bringing traditional and modern, crafts and industrial, feminine and masculine face to face and the tension between these concepts are visible" explains Gulay Semercioglu.
Capturing a sense of connected motion by combining realism and abstraction, Margaret Withers helps us to identify a "shifting/migrating" world by multiplying and imploding biomorphic imagery and teetering telephone poles.
The Etisalat Dubai Mall retail outlet explored the realm of fluid biomorphic architectural detail, as it has never been done before in the region.
Wood and bamboo are important renewable resources and can be used as base materials for the preparation of biomorphic SiC ceramics (Kang 1998, Huang and Gao 2004).